C’est avec TIMEZERO que Jean-Luc Encinas vise le podium de la Transquadra

Jean-Luc Encinas est à la tête d’une menuiserie industrielle la semaine et navigateur-régatier le reste du temps : régate offshore Sailtica, Royan – Gijón, Pornic – Gijón, Armen race, course des iles, la régate des 3 phares de Royan à La Rochelle… toute l’année il est aux rendez-vous de courses mythiques.

Il a choisi le logiciel TIMEZERO de MaxSea depuis 2013 pour truster les podiums et son choix est probant ! En juillet 2016, Pornic – Baiona, 960 milles, il termine 1er en réel et compensé en solitaire, dans sa catégorie.

Jean-Luc Encinas Sun Fast 3200 yacht in harbor waiting for the start of the Transquadra race Sunday, 16th, July

Dans cet article, à la veille du départ de la Transquadra 2017 Jean-Luc Encinas se présente et nous explique son choix.

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Learn how to differentiate between the various Marine Protected Zones in C-Map charts

With over 200 navigation chart references available, TIMEZERO lets you sail the entire planet! Criss-crossing through the seas in security thanks to reliable data can only happen by regularly updating your charts.

Certain navigation zones are more risky than others so it is all the more important to have up-to-date charts in these areas. This is certainly the case for Australia where many zones have become protected and regulated. In the latest update: 12.1, these zones are taken into account and the Great Barrier Reef is now mapped out with these protected areas.

Total coverage of protected zones with version 12.1 of C-map Vector charts

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The different AIS displayed within TIMEZERO

With the sailing season fully underway, whether you navigate in deep water or along the coastline, there will be more and more boats in the water which means that you need to be more vigilant. During certain situations such as during the night or when visibility is limited or when crossing shipping channels, trying to navigate by sight won’t be enough.

TIMEZERO puts your safety first and displaying AIS & ARPA targets is one of the most important features it provides. Alarms that are both visual and audible will alert you and help prevent collisions.

AIS  Receiver compatible with TIMEZERO – Furuno FA30

In this article, we take a look at a feature that really is of the utmost importance, especially during this summer period. The different types of targets as well as the tools available in TIMEZERO will leave you feeling that little bit more at ease.

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A breakdown of the TIMEZERO tools in the Tool Bar

TIMEZERO technology lets you perform and manage your trips in real-time. Using the advanced features couldn’t be easier thanks to the Tool Bar which makes managing your trips a doddle.

The Tool Bar has 25 tools to choose from and each one serves its purpose. These tools allow you to access features and interact with instruments in the software. The Tool Bar is found in the left side of the screen. Among various possibilities, it lets you create waypoints, routes and interact with your tracks.

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Catching up with TIMEZERO Ambassador Maewan Adventure as they sail the Kuril islands

We tracked down Maewan captain Erwan Le Lann who just got back from sailing through the Kuril islands. These islands are somewhat of a mystery as they have been disputed for over 100 years between Russia and Japan. This means that very few people get to sail them.

Maewan Adventure is a project to break boundaries by using the Maewan boat to access some of the most far flung places on earth and to perform extreme sports on these islands or in the waters around them. Snowboarding, climbing and kite-surfing are just some of sports that will take place for in this adventure. To be able to sail in these extreme locations they use the Maewan boat which is a Trisalu 37 ft boat built in 1982 in Quebec, built to perform in the toughest of conditions.

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Connectez vos appareils de navigation à votre application iPad TZ App

Les logiciels TIMEZERO ainsi que l’application TZ App peuvent être reliés facilement à vos instruments de navigation. Pour une configuration optimale, deux critères sont à prendre en considération : la compatibilité et le type de connexion.

La TZ App est disponible uniquement pour les tablettes iPad offrant une maniabilité et une fluidité hors norme. En effet, les données et informations émises par vos instruments de navigation peuvent être reçues par l’application TIMEZERO via un réseau sans fil. Cette configuration vous permet alors de gérer votre navigation où que vous soyez sur votre bateau.

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Philippe Poupon and his family sail some of the most dangerous seas on the Earth

Philippe Poupon is an ex-team member of Skipper Eric Tabarly and during his time racing he was part of the team that won the following: 3 time Solitaire du Figaro winner, winner of Route du Rhum, winner of l’OSTAR, 3rd place Vendée Globe, and the list goes on.

Philippe Poupon has certainly earned his stripes. Now as our TIMEZERO Ambassador he does not compete anymore but focuses on his project: Fleur Australe.

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Clipper Race will once again be using TIMEZERO to race around the world for 2017-18

The Clipper Race is an around the world race with 12 completely identical 70 ft. yachts, raced by 12 professional Skippers. The unique factor is that the crew is not a professional outfit but a mix of recreational sailors and complete novices who dream of completing an around the world voyage. With speeds reaching up to 35 knots, the boats pack a punch and with TIMEZERO software on board, we look forward to seeing just how it gets used for this edition in video edits and articles to come.

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Les 9 types d’alarme et leur configuration dans TIMEZERO

La dernière version de TZ Navigator propose de nouvelles fonctionnalités afin d’accroître la sécurité des plaisanciers. La fonction XTE et le cône anti-échouage inclus dans la version 3 du logiciel complètent la palette de fonctionnalités déjà existantes dans TIMEZERO.
Dans cet article, nous vous présentons le système des alarmes et leurs fonctionnalités qui s’étendent désormais aux nouvelles fonctions de sécurité de TZ Navigator v3. Découvrez tous les types d’alarmes qu’il est possible de configurer et apprenez à les paramétrer pour assurer un niveau de sécurité maximal à votre équipage.

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Embark vicariously upon an extraordinary voyage with our TIMEZERO Ambassador Mick Hay

Most people might think that the quickest way to go home is the best way, especially when you are thousands of miles from home. Well, Mick Hay’s idea was to go by boat and when you’re in Europe but your home is in Australia, then this becomes that much more of a crazy idea. However the Starlight crew planned to do just that!

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