Welcome to our new TZ Ambassador: Even Job

Even Job is a cartographer for SHOM (Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service) that started navigating at a young age. When he was just 16 years old, he attended the “sports and study” sailing section of Marseille before earning a position at the high-level sailing center, First Class 8.

In 2015, he decides to prepare for the 2017-2018 Transquadra adventure. The Transquadra is a transatlantic solo race between Lorient or Marseille in France and Le Marin in Martinique, it is made for amateurs that are over 40 years old. At first, Even navigates aboard a JOD35, a sailboat used in 1990 for the sailing “Tour de France”. After this first successful experience, he buys a Figaro 2 with the objective of taking on other open sea racing challenges. The 2020 Transquadra is of course on the schedule.

We were able to ask Even a few questions after his first experience with TIMEZERO software during the 2019 Pornic-Baiona, a 10-day long solo race between Pornic and La Rochelle. He finished 4th on the solo ranking and 8th in the general ranking!


Why did you choose TIMEZERO?
“When preparing the boat for Spring and Summer races, I compared existing navigation software by visiting forums and industrial websites; TIMEZERO seemed more intuitive and user-friendly than the rest.”
Every new version of TZ Navigator offers an improvement in intuitiveness. The latest generation of our solution is completely touchscreen compatible. Our objective is to make cutting edge navigation tools as easy to use as possible!

How was the software setup process?
“The software setup went smoothly without any issues. I struggled a little bit to download the charts but thanks to the TIMEZERO tech support hotline my problem was solved quickly.”
Our tech support team is available Monday to Friday and is committed to getting back to you in under 48 hours!


Have you had the opportunity to compare TIMEZERO with other software? What differences did you notice?
“Compared to other software, TZ Navigator is a lot easier to use and you get used to it pretty quickly. The charts in TIMEZERO are very close to the SHOM charts that I work on and that I am used to navigating with.”
TZ Navigator is equipped with a very powerful mapping engine that allows users to zoom in and out of the charts very smoothly. The software is capable of displaying Raster and Vector charts and also allows for the superposition with satellite images to really offer 100 percent of the information.


Why is using TIMEZERO important for your activity?
“Since I started using TIMEZERO, I use it to make all my strategies and I am fully satisfied with the solution. When offshore racing, we run the routing several times a day and sometimes we might lack lucidity because of tiredness. Thanks to TIMEZERO, it is hard to make mistakes!
Additionally, being able to display AIS targets really adds to the sense of security, especially when navigating solo.
As a SHOM cartographer, I am particularly fond of TIMEZERO’s ergonomics (charts, 3D view).”
The routing module can be added to TZ Navigator and allows for the creation of a route based on the weather, currents, winds, the boat’s polars but also based on the navigation style. With the arrival of the version 4 of our solution, the routing now automatically avoids land for further ease of use! Another novelty is the Premium Weather Service. This service of high-resolution data is offered in the form of a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time. It gives you access to 3 weather models and 3 wave models. The weather is now displayed in the form of animated particles for maximum comfort of use.


Do you have plans for the future, any upcoming races?
“My plans are to continue solo offshore racing with the next Transquadra but also with the next Transmanche and maybe even the next Route du Rhum.”

Even gave a great testimony at the Paris Boat Show in December 2019, you can check it out below:

If you want to to learn more about the TZ Navigator software, click the link below:

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