Oceanographic Forecasts for Plankton/Chlorophyll inside TIMEZERO professional software now provide total coverage!

Knowing where the best fishing zones are located is an art form. Part of the picture is made up of oceanographic forecasts. Inside TZ Professional v3, there are numerous forecasts such as Altimetry, Geographic currents, SST and Plankton/Chlorophyll.

Phytoplankton are the base of the ocean food. They are single cell organisms that use chlorophyll within their cells to carry out photosynthesis, the process of generating energy from light. Phytoplankton are dependent not only on sunlight but nutrients and temperature. As colder waters tend to have more nutrients such as nitrates, phosphates and sulfur that can be converted into proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, phytoplankton tend to be found in larger numbers around the polar regions and in areas where the ocean currents bring cold water towards the surface.

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A breakdown of the TIMEZERO tools in the Tool Bar

TIMEZERO technology lets you perform and manage your trips in real-time. Using the advanced features couldn’t be easier thanks to the Tool Bar which makes managing your trips a doddle.

The Tool Bar has 25 tools to choose from and each one serves its purpose. These tools allow you to access features and interact with instruments in the software. The Tool Bar is found in the left side of the screen. Among various possibilities, it lets you create waypoints, routes and interact with your tracks.

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Release of Version 2.1.2 of MaxSea TimeZero Professional Range

Updates from March 20, 2017

Being at the top of marine navigation means offering efficiency and comfort that never stop evolving. To match the ever growing needs of professionals at sea our development team continues to set higher standards. This update will make TZ Professional even more powerful.

Today, we are happy to announce to you that TZ Professional v3.1 is now available!

News from March 30, 2015

We are pleased to inform you that a new update of MaxSea TimeZero professional software has just been released and is now available to your customers: v2.1.2.

Many new features and improvements are included in version 2.1.2 of the MaxSea professional software range. Best of all, this update is completely free for any TimeZero ECS/PLOT user.

 Please read the complete description of improvements:

 New Features in MaxSea TimeZero v2.1.2:

  • Possibility to import Marks, Tracks, Lines and 3D user data from ECC Globe.
  • Compatibility with the NMEA0183 “RSD” sentence allowing to display a radar cursor on the chart. This is useful to geo-reference the cursor of the standalone radar in TimeZero.
  • Possibility to import PTZ2 files directly into TimeZero v2.1. PTZ2 files are 3D files that were used in previous version of TimeZero (v2.0) and below.
  • Possibility to change the plotter background color when no chart is selected from the “Chart” button in the Ribbon. The background color can be selected from the “Plotter Display” Options.
  • New option to remove currents computation on the active route (ETA, Speed, HTS etc.). This can be useful when you don’t want any currents to be taken into account in any of the Route NavData and list information.
  • New Online AIS MarineTraffic integration providing more reliable and faster refresh time. Please note that a MarineTraffic account is required in order to activate this feature in TimeZero:

A range of other miscellaneous features have been added and various bug fixes are included in MaxSea TimeZero version 2.1.2. A detailed description of all improvements is available in our explanatory PDF.

Price: The update to version 2.1.2 is totally free for all current MaxSea TimeZero users.

Download: You can contact your regular MaxSea reseller to download this update. Alternatively, you may log into your MyMaxSea account and use the download link in the ‘Downloads’ tab.

v2.1.2 description

Release of Version 2.1 of MaxSea TimeZero Professional Range

We are happy to inform you that version 2.1 of the MaxSea TimeZero professional range MaxSea TimeZero PLOT and ECS has just been released and is available to download now.

Version 2.1 includes a range of innovative new features as well as several corrections. These improvements provide provide commercial fishing vessels and work boats with powerful functions that will make these activities even more efficient. This update is completely free of charge for all existing MaxSea TimeZero ECS and PLOT users!

Read a complete description of the improvements in v2.1 of the MaxSea TimeZero professional range

Here are a few of the main improvements you will find in version 2.1:

New features in MaxSea TimeZero PLOT

  • New 3D WorkSpace: can be set to full screen or split screen (2D/3D), improved display options. See image below:

New 3D display in v2.1

  • The Bathy Recorder function has been completely redesigned – for even more targeted fishing.
  • Addition of Manual Contour Lines and new Contour Line Tool. The contour line interval can be adjusted to a fixed step and user can choose a “highlight” contour line depth. See below image:
New manual contour lines

New features in MaxSea TimeZero ECS and PLOT

  • Proudman Currents are now available for various zones in Europe and the Arabian Gulf.
  • When integrating with a Furuno NavNet 3D or TZtouch MFD, TimeZero can access the NavNet DRS Dual Range capability from a new “Dual Radar” WorkSpace.
  • Fleet Tracking Position Report: TimeZero now automatically creates the Position Report file that can be sent manually or synchronized among multiple vessels using the file hosting service Dropbox. User can choose the frequency of these reports.

Several other new features have also been added to this update, as well as miscellaneous functions and bug corrections.

Price: The update to version 2.1 is totally free for all current MaxSea TimeZero users.

Download: You can contact your regular MaxSea reseller to download this update. Alternatively, you may log into your MyMaxSea account and use the download link in the ‘Downloads’ tab.

Read full description of v2.1 of MaxSea TimeZero Professional Range

Software Update: MaxSea TimeZero ECS and PLOT v2.0.4

The MaxSea TimeZero ECS and PLOT v2.0.4 update improves compatibility with the new FURUNO DFF1-UHD TruEcho CHIRP network sounder. The DFF1-UHD (Ultra High Definition) broadband sounder delivers significant advancements in signal clarity and target definition, and is also able to send Bottom Discrimination information to TimeZero (similar to the BBDS1).


MaxSea TimeZero Sounder Module

Thanks to its full compatibility with Furuno fish finders, the sounder module allows you to enjoy all the advanced features of Furuno sounders on your PC. The FURUNO DFF1, DFF3, BBDS1 and now the DFF1-UHD can turn your TimeZero display into a powerful, dual frequency fish finder.

MX Tech news dff1 pic 0


The MaxSea Sounder Module is available for:

.The DFF1-UHD TruEcho CHIRP network sounder

Designed to operate over a wide range of frequencies utilizing a broadband transducer, the new DFF1-UHD TruEcho CHIRP-enabled network sounder for MaxSea TimeZero delivers significant advancements in signal clarity and target definition.

.CHIRP Technology

The clear presentation of the DFF1-UHD marks individual game fish and bait fish, even when tightly schooled together or very near the sea floor.

.Benefits of CHIRP Technology

  • Scans across a range of frequencies
  • Enhanced depth penetration, resolution & clarity
  • Precise separation between bait fish and game fish
  • Enhanced ability to distinguish targets from noise using improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Improved bottom tracking at high speeds
  • Vastly improved shallow water performance
  • Reveals more fish by eliminating surface clutter & noise

 MX Tech news dff1 pic 1


A full PC-Sounder solution

Paired with a Furuno Ethernet Sounder, TimeZero is a full PC Sounder solution:

  • Bottom Discrimination
  • Bottom hardness

 MX Tech news dff1 pic 2




Find a reseller - MaxSea TimeZero PLOT

Software Update: MaxSea TimeZero Navigator & Explorer v2.0.4

We are pleased to announce that a minor update to MaxSea TimeZero Navigator and MaxSea TimeZero Explorer is now available.

This update introduces compatibility with Windows 8.1 and improved compatibility with the new FURUNO DFF1-UHD TruEcho CHIRP network sounder* as it delivers significant advancements in signal clarity and target definition.

MaxSea TimeZero recreational v2.0.4

As it is a minor update, it is free of charge to all customers who currently own MaxSea TimeZero Navigator or Explorer software version 2.

Please note that you must possess a MaxSea Sounder Module added to your MaxSea TimeZero Explorer software in order to avail of these improvements in Furuno Sounder integration.


  • Compatible with Windows 8.1
  • Improved compatibility between MaxSea TimeZero Explorer and the Furuno DFF1-UHD (better transducer set-up and power setting selection)
  • New “Allow Chart Overzoom” option (Plotter Options) that prevent “Overzoom” tiles to appear when the customer is zooming too much on the chart
  • Minor Date Bar bug correction

To download this minor version, go to My MaxSea, login or create a new account and click on Downloads.

My MaxSea - Downloads

*Important Transducer Information for TimeZero integration with FURUNO DFF1-UHFD

We recommend using the Airmar transducer B265 or CM265 with the DFF1-UHD. In this case the transducer configuration will be automatic (TD-ID).

Other “Low High” CHIRP transducers such as the 175LH, 109LH or 509LH may be used, however the accuracy of both ACCU-FISH and Bottom Discrimination modes will not be guaranteed.

In this case, put the transducer settings to “Model Number” (within the Sounder Initial Setup) and select “B265LH”.

If you wish to know more about our recreational range, here are MaxSea TimeZero Navigator and MaxSea TimeZero Explorer product pages.

MaxSea TimeZero Spring 2013 Releases

This Spring, we’released 2 new software versions, 1 new module and a software upgrade. Here’s the summary:

MaxSea TimeZero Recreational v2

  • Windows 8 CompatibilityMaxSea TimeZero Recreational v2
  • Advanced planning according to tides and tidal currents
  • Major improvements to the presentation of AIS information
  • New Progress Bar (Date/Time)

Click here for more information

Advanced Routing Module

This module allows advanced sailors to manually control and adjust the weather fileAdvanced Routing Module parameters in order to get more accurate results. It also introduces the variability notion, helping the skipper to identify the particular moments in the navigation where strategy choices are critical.

Click here for more information

MaxSea TimeZero SportFishing

  • Real time PBG dataMaxSea TimeZero SportFishing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Seamless NavNet 3D connection
  • Free weather forecasts and oceanic data display directly on navigation charts to help you to detect the best fishing areas
  • Includes all of the nautical charts for one MapMedia Wide area
  • Built-in AIS/ARPA function

Click here for more information

MaxSea TimeZero Racing

  • Professional user interfaceMaxSea TimeZero Racing
  • Free weather forecast service
  • AIS/ARPA built-in function
  • Transat Mega Wide chart area
  • France and United Kingdom current zones
  • NN3D and FAR 2xx7 advanced compatibility
  • Advanced Routing Module: This NEW module brings many new features which complete our basic Routing Module (reliability index, polar % and configuration of the weather files over time)
  • PosReport Module: It allows racers tracking during an ocean race

Click here for more information

And last but not least…

The MaxSea TimeZero App is available now!

Software Update: MaxSea TimeZero Navigator & Explorer v2

MaxSea TimeZero v2

This week, the version 2* of our Recreational Sailing range has been released. This new MaxSea TimeZero version 2 includes many new features and enhancements such as:

Windows 8 Compatibility
MaxSea TimeZero v2 is compatible with Windows 8

New Time Bar
MaxSea TimeZero introduces a new time bar which is available in the Planning work space at the bottom of the screen.

Better AIS data display
Version 2 brings major improvements to the presentation of AIS information.

Perform advanced planning according to tides and tidal currents
MaxSea TimeZero V2 now allows you to calculate the best departure time in order to arrive with high tide.

MaxSea TimeZero v2 New Time Bar
NEW feature: MaxSea TimeZero v2 Time Bar

Click here to read more about this release.

If you wish to know more about our recreational range, here are MaxSea TimeZero Navigator and MaxSea TimeZero Explorer product pages.

*This is a Paid Update, free for customers who bought their license after December 6, 2012.

Software update: MaxSea TimeZero ECS & PLOT v2

We are pleased to announce the release of MaxSea TimeZero ECS/PLOT version 2. This update includes many new features and enhancements over the previous version and is free for existing TimeZero ECS/PLOT v1.x users.

Here is a short overview of the major new features:

Discrete Depth Shading
The Depth Shading can be set to a user defined discrete color palette. This allows specific depths to be highlighted with specific colors:

MaxSea TimeZero pro new features: depth shading

Compatibility with Furuno Ethernet Sounders has been further improved. MaxSea TimeZero can now display the Sounder Echogram in Dual Frequency and has access to the Bottom Lock and Bottom Zoom feature of the Sounder:

Better integration with with Furuno Ethernet Sounders

Bottom Discrimination with Furuno BBDS1
Paired with MaxSea TimeZero PLOT, the BBDS1 is the most affordable solution on the market to collect depth and bottom discrimination information:

BBDS1: best tool for bottom discriminationMaxSea TimeZero ECS/PLOT includes many other features, please find full details of this release in this document: MaxSea TimeZero ECS/PLOT V2

If you want to know more about our professional range, here are MaxSea TimeZero ECS and MaxSea TimeZero Plot product pages.

Software update: MaxSea TimeZero Navigator & Explorer v1.9.8

We are pleased to announce a new free update for our MaxSea TimeZero Software. MaxSea TimeZero v1.9.8 (Navigator and Explorer versions) includes several bug corrections and new features such as:

  • Route planning function improvement: TimeZero is the only software that takes tidal current into account in the Route Detail list. With the new feature, the leg of a route is highlighted when the currents are too strong.
  • Routing new features: Also, this version introduces the possibility to re-launch a second routing from the same departure, a feature that can be very useful if you want to change some of the routing parameters while keeping the same start and end position.
  • NavNet TZtouch compatibility: With this version of MaxSea TimeZero you will be able to exchange Routes & Waypoints through SD Card, share nautical charts and navigation data from the TZtouch network.

Relaunch of a second routing feature - MaxSea TimeZero v1.9.8

Strong Currents Highlighting Leg Feature - MaxSea TimeZero v1.9.8

Please refer to this MaxSea TimeZero v1.9.8 PDF for a complete description of the new features.

If you want to know more about our sailing range, here are MaxSea TimeZero Navigator  and MaxSea TimeZero Explorer product pages.