Comment différencier les cartes de navigation Wide et MegaWide ?

Avec plus de 250 références de cartes à jour, notre catalogue en ligne TZ Charts vous permet de trouver la ou les carte(s) qui répondent à vos exigences. Différents critères comme le type de carte, le fournisseur ou la taille de zone vous permettent de mieux organiser et cibler vos recherches.

Dans cet article, nous vous présentons les différentes catégories de taille de cartes disponibles. Les projets de voyage, les styles de navigation ou encore le degré de confort accordé dans une traversée sont différents d’un navigateur à un autre. Il est donc important pour vous de bien choisir votre carte de navigation !

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3 étapes pour brancher et configurer votre GPS USB dans TIMEZERO

Lorsque vous êtes à bord de votre bateau et que vous souhaitez être géolocalisé, vous devez obligatoirement relier votre PC à un système GPS. Les logiciels TZ Navigator et TZ Professional sont capables de recevoir et de traiter l’ensemble des informations émises par vos appareils afin d’afficher votre position ainsi que des données complémentaires.

Certains GPS ne sont pas pourvus de connexion port série habituel et peuvent être branchés en USB directement sur votre ordinateur.
Découvrez ci-dessous les 3 étapes pour brancher, configurer et analyser votre GPS USB dans votre logiciel de navigation TIMEZERO via le système d’exploitation Windows.

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MaxSea Technical Training for Resellers in Bidart, France

In March 2015 a MaxSea technical training session was given to resellers in the MaxSea International Headquarters in Bidart, south of France.

The MaxSea Regional Sales Manager for France, Sandrine Abadie attended the event, as well as the MaxSea Technical Trainer Thierry Callède.

MaxSea technical training in Bidart, France
Thierry Callède (centre back) with MaxSea resellers who attended the training

Bidart image3

Bidart image1

Thierry Callède, longtime MaxSea technical trainer, led a technical presentation of MaxSea products, focusing in particular on the Professional TimeZero range of software products: MaxSea TimeZero ECS and PLOT.

MaxSea technical training in Bidart, France
Regional Sales Manager for France, Sandrine Abadie, with attendees of the MaxSea Technical Training

This was a good opportunity for our distribution network to learn about the new features available in the software and of course, to brush up on their understanding of how to integrate TimeZero software with compatible FURUNO hardware, such as the NavNet 3D, NavNet TZtouch and a range of their radars and sounders.

We would like to thank our partner network, which throughout the years has succeeded in making our software the leading solution on the boating and fishing markets.

MaxSea TimeZero Free Weather Forecast Service

MaxSea Office Closures for Easter

We would like to inform you that our sales department will be closed for 2 days this Easter weekend due to public holidays.

We're Closed

The dates are as follows:

– Friday April 18th
– Monday, April 21st

Please also note that Technical Support will be closed on Monday April 21st only.

Remember, you can order software, charts, modules and services 24/7, every day of the year on the MaxSea Webstore. Take a look at it here.


Feel free to contact us if you need any further information.


Download the free MaxSea guide: Cold Weather Sailing

MaxSea Support and Training Services

After receiving several requests from MaxSea users, we have decided to launch new Support and Training services, which aim to provide a more advanced level of customer service at very affordable prices. However, we will continue to provide standard technical support for free.

MaxSea Support Services

MaxSea Training Services

Our users can now take advantage of the following options:

Software installation: A MaxSea Support Technician remotely takes control of your computer in order to install your software for you. You can stay in the comfort of your own living room while this service is being carried out.

Chart installation: A MaxSea Support Technician remotely takes control of your computer in order to install all the charts that you have purchased – raster/vector charts, 3D data and high resolution satellite photos.

Software and chart installation: If you would like both your software and charts to be installed by a MaxSea representative, this option offers all the convenience at a reduced overall price.

1H Remote training: This option is for customers who wish to receive one-on-one training on the basic, most frequently-used features in MaxSea software. Again, a technician will remote into your computer and show you how to use each feature while explaining it to you over the phone.

3H Remote training: For customers who would like to receive a more in-depth one-on-one training in a range of more advanced topics such as radar/ sounder integration.

2 day In-Person course: This course is a fully-immersive 2 day programme offered in the Barcelona MaxSea office with our highly-trained technicians. You will have the opportunity to learn about all of the software functionalities and also ask any questions that you may have. These courses are carried out in very small groups so that you receive full attention.

Whether you are a beginner or just in need of a little extra help, MaxSea has a Support and Training Service solution for you. For more information, please see

More information at

Purchase one of these services at

How to use MaxSea TimeZero on iPad

Update (March 2013): It came to our attention that the latest version of Splashtop Remote requires an Internet connection.

The MaxSea TimeZero App for iPad is now available, and you can find more information about this product here. This is a standalone navigation system which does not require the user to own a PC-based TimeZero software product.

If however, you prefer to continue using your iPad as a remote control/display system for your TimeZero software, continue reading…

Follow these steps to connect your iPad to your computer and use MaxSea TimeZero as a remote screen.

How to use MaxSea TimeZero on your iPad 3

The MaxSea TimeZero  App is available now!As we announced in 2011, MaxSea TimeZero is available on iPad through a special configuration. With a remote PC manager and a WiFi access point, you can work directly from your iPad on the deck of your boat while having MaxSea TimeZero installed on your PC inside.

How to use MaxSea TimeZero on your iPad 2

The connection between the two systems is completely wireless and enables you to access all software features, especially suited for touch screens like the iPad, even though it will work slower than a regular PC.

In order to follow these procedure, you have to download a remote desktop application like Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad.

 1 – Install Wi-Fi antenna’s driver (Realtek RTL 8192)

[Choose Language] > Next > Next

Start Menu > All Programs > Realtek 11n > Realtek 11n USB Wireless LAN Utility

Mode > Access Point (this step can take some time) > OK

Configuration > Network name (for example: boat_AP > WEP Encryption > Phone number > Phone number > OK

Start Menu > Connexions > Wireless Connexion X

Properties > TCP/IP Internet Protocol> IP: [Your IP number] / Mask : > OK > OK > Close

2 – Deactivate Windows Firewall

Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Deactivate > OK

3 – Install SplashTop

Accept > Next > Finish > Reach > Next > Password (2 times) > Next > Play

4 – On the iPad

Connect to Internet

AppStore > Splashtop > Buy > Follow process

Settings > Wifi > boat_AP > WEP Key (Phone number) > Join

Blue arrow on the right of « boat_AP » > Static > IP: [Your IP number] / Mask :

iPad Home button

Splashtop > Blue arrow next to computer detected in a few seconds > Password > Save

Name > Connect

5 – Done!

This Step-by-step procedure aims to answer the numerous requests we receive from our users. However, MaxSea International doesn’t provide technical support on this matter.

How to use MaxSea TimeZero on your iPad
If you have any further questions, please contact us at If you are already using MaxSea TimeZero on iPad, feel free to give us feedback on Facebook, Twitter or here!