MaxSea Technical Training for Resellers in Bidart, France

In March 2015 a MaxSea technical training session was given to resellers in the MaxSea International Headquarters in Bidart, south of France.

The MaxSea Regional Sales Manager for France, Sandrine Abadie attended the event, as well as the MaxSea Technical Trainer Thierry Callède.

MaxSea technical training in Bidart, France
Thierry Callède (centre back) with MaxSea resellers who attended the training

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Thierry Callède, longtime MaxSea technical trainer, led a technical presentation of MaxSea products, focusing in particular on the Professional TimeZero range of software products: MaxSea TimeZero ECS and PLOT.

MaxSea technical training in Bidart, France
Regional Sales Manager for France, Sandrine Abadie, with attendees of the MaxSea Technical Training

This was a good opportunity for our distribution network to learn about the new features available in the software and of course, to brush up on their understanding of how to integrate TimeZero software with compatible FURUNO hardware, such as the NavNet 3D, NavNet TZtouch and a range of their radars and sounders.

We would like to thank our partner network, which throughout the years has succeeded in making our software the leading solution on the boating and fishing markets.

MaxSea TimeZero Free Weather Forecast Service

MaxSea Support and Training Services

After receiving several requests from MaxSea users, we have decided to launch new Support and Training services, which aim to provide a more advanced level of customer service at very affordable prices. However, we will continue to provide standard technical support for free.

MaxSea Support Services

MaxSea Training Services

Our users can now take advantage of the following options:

Software installation: A MaxSea Support Technician remotely takes control of your computer in order to install your software for you. You can stay in the comfort of your own living room while this service is being carried out.

Chart installation: A MaxSea Support Technician remotely takes control of your computer in order to install all the charts that you have purchased – raster/vector charts, 3D data and high resolution satellite photos.

Software and chart installation: If you would like both your software and charts to be installed by a MaxSea representative, this option offers all the convenience at a reduced overall price.

1H Remote training: This option is for customers who wish to receive one-on-one training on the basic, most frequently-used features in MaxSea software. Again, a technician will remote into your computer and show you how to use each feature while explaining it to you over the phone.

3H Remote training: For customers who would like to receive a more in-depth one-on-one training in a range of more advanced topics such as radar/ sounder integration.

2 day In-Person course: This course is a fully-immersive 2 day programme offered in the Barcelona MaxSea office with our highly-trained technicians. You will have the opportunity to learn about all of the software functionalities and also ask any questions that you may have. These courses are carried out in very small groups so that you receive full attention.

Whether you are a beginner or just in need of a little extra help, MaxSea has a Support and Training Service solution for you. For more information, please see

More information at

Purchase one of these services at

First MaxSea Training Session successfully achieved

Flowers and Chocolates from our trainees!On February 14th and 15th, we inaugurated our Training Sessions with two MaxSea users attending our MaxSea software course in English. M. Patrick Blaney (Ireland) and M. Jacques P.A. Boehrer (Switzerland) spent 2 days with one of our very skilled technical mentors in our office in Barcelona, who answered in the most personalized way possible all their doubts and specific needs.

They got along so well with the MaxSea people that they even gave the girls a wonderful bouquet to each one on Valentine’s day and a box of delicious chocolates to everybody, it was totally unexpected but most welcomed!

Here is an excerpt of what they told us after they ended their MaxSea course:

Patrick Blaney and Jacques Boehrer Back home, let me express my sincere gratitude to you and all the staff for this very interesting and professionally organized training-course. I must admit that the results of this session are way ahead of my expectations.
Not only the product is excellent but you guys also do a great job. Thank you everybody, take care.
Best regards,
Jacques P.A. Boehrer (Capt. Jack)”

The 2 trainees with MaxSea staffersI am a long time MaxSea user who bought a new sailing boat with the latest Furuno electronic navigation instruments, plotter, radar, sounders, autopilot.
I had used the MaxSea TimeZero software (Explorer with Routing Module) but felt that I was only using 65% of its capabilities on my own, there are so many additional features that I felt I was not using properly. This course fixed all those deficiencies, got me to a level of understanding where I am now not afraid to play around and try out features, knowing I can quickly get back to basics if necessary.
I would recommend it to anyone serious about using MaxSea TimeZero as their primary electronic navigation tool on board.
I also met the MaxSea support team at their base, and both our instructor Benoit and my fellow student contributed to a good course and a fun time too.
Patrick Blaney“.

We’re thankful for these reviews, our next course (March 14th and 15th) will be held in French.  Go to our MaxSea Training Sessions page for more information on dates, rates and conditions.

MaxSea Training Sessions in Barcelona