Around the world with TZ iBoat

Full-time sailors are an amazing source of knowledge in the maritime navigation community as they are able to test and identify best practices before anyone else. This is what Rebecca Childress and her husband Patrick have been doing for over 12 years now.


We were able to ask them a few questions about their use of our TZ iBoat App during one of their numerous stops around the world.

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Introducing our new TIMEZERO Ambassadors: Explorking

Kevin and Leanne are a Canadian entrepreneur couple that, pushed by their love for the outdoors; traded their office jobs for an online business. The goal was to explore the world while working. That is how the name “Explorking” was born, a combination of exploring and working with the goal of “working from anywhere and living from everywhere”.


They are now proud owners of a 60-footlong catamaran that has become the vessel with which they explore the world. Operating such a large boat with limited navigating experience can be a stressful experience and therefore TIMEZERO is proud and excited to partner with them on this great adventure. And, allow them to accomplish their mission in the safest and most efficient way possible.

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Donald Crowhurst’s world tour, the “maritime drama of the century”!

In our last article published in July, we introduced the Golden Globe Race and more specifically its 2018 edition. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this incredible race, a new world tour was organized with the same rules and sailing conditions as in 1968. By the way, the navigators are still navigating!

The GGR has become a legendary sporting event, making headlines in newspapers around the world during its first edition. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, for the first time in history, was sailing around the world alone, without any stopover or assistance. A real feat for the time! But this mythical race has also become known for another reason. A tragic event from which is still called today the “maritime drama of the century”.

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Entretien avec Michel Desjoyeaux sur son utilisation de l’application TZ iBoat !

Il y a un an, nous vous présentions le tout dernier projet de Michel Desjoyeaux, le Z2015. Développé par son écurie de course au large, le voilier-catamaran est une plate-forme spécialement pensée pour accueillir les partenaires lors des entraînements, courses ou compétitions en mer.

Michel Desjoyeaux à bord du Z2015

Pour gérer sa navigation côtière à bord du Z2015, Michel Desjoyeaux utilise l’application TIMEZERO spécialement développée pour iPad ! Nous avons voulu en savoir plus sur la manière dont il utilise l’outil et quelles fonctionnalités il affectionne tout particulièrement. De plus, notre Ambassadeur TIMEZERO historique nous en dit un peu plus sur les projets de Mer Agitée !

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TIMEZERO teamed up with Clipper Race for a historic Round the World Race! 


We are happy to see that the Clipper Race was a resounding success this year and it will be written into the history books as it is the first time that a female Skipper has led her crew to first place in an around the world race. The Sanya crew took 1st place thanks to their Skipper Wendy Tuck, while 2nd place Visit Seattle team was also skippered by a female Skipper, Nikki Henderson.

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2e place lors de la course Halifax/St-Pierre pour notre Ambassadeur Alain Molimard

La course Halifax / St-Pierre est une course qui se déroule dans le petit archipel de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon sur les côtes canadiennes. La compétition relie la Nouvelle-Écosse jusqu’à la petite île française située juste en dessous de Terre-Neuve, soit une longueur totale de 350 milles.

L’événement s’est déroulé le 26 juin dernier et a rassemblé près de 25 bateaux sur la grille de départ ! Dans la catégorie Class40, Bleu Voile Océanique a terminé en deuxième position avec le navire Bleu35. Une course bouclée en 1j 12h 55min 10s. La compétition fut relativement intense puisque le vainqueur de la traversée est arrivé seulement 40 minutes avant Bleu35.

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Le Bato a Film recount their trip around South America onboard La Tortuga

TIMEZERO Ambassadors Le Bato a Film are currently sailing around South America, filming their travels and making short films on the people and different cultures they meet. Their aim is to take the route less traveled and meet isolated cultures. Their Captain, Geraldine Marin.

Le Bato a Film crew on-board La Tortuga

“Our trip is coming to a close. We are currently in Cuba having already sailed 15,000 nautical miles around South America since we left the port of La Rochelle one year ago. The crew has changed a lot in that time: 20 different teams, 4 languages, 58 different people, 12 of which Latinos and around two thirds novices.

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