What are the best spots to fish?

Rafel Llaneras is the owner of a fishing charter in Majorca and has been using our products since 2004. He has now upgraded to TZ Professional v4, the latest version of the software, and if you ask him how important this software is to him, he will tell you: “If TIMEZERO doesn’t work, I don’t go out fishing”.

Rafel uses TIMEZERO for over 18 years.

Rafel explains how he uses TZ Professional.

“One of the most interesting features of TIMEZERO, from my point of view, is the Ocean-O premium service. It allows you to download oceanographic data to find the best fishing areas based on predetermined filters by fish type. From my perspective, which is trolling for albacore, this is a great help. Not having first hand information like the professional fleets that go out almost every day and therefore master their fishing area better than anyone. Sport fishermen like me usually go out fishing once or twice a week at most and go weeks at a time without being able to go out due to various circumstances such as weather or simply due to other activities. The Ocean-O service allows us to make a forecast based on the available meteorological and oceanographic conditions, in order to determine the best areas to scan for the species in question.”

TZ Professional comes with built-in presets (that can be customized) in order to provide an efficient starting point.

Pelagic species move according to different parameters such as altimetry, surface temperature or currents.

Discover high-resolution oceanographic data available within TZ Professional.

“I obtain this by crossing a series of variables established according to the target species such as: currents, altimetry, water temperature, phytoplankton, etc.”

The user can also add and combine multiple types of data at the same time. In this case, a grayscale color is used with a darker shade corresponding to areas that match more parameters. This is an extremely valuable tool to find areas matching multiple criteria targeting specific fish species.

“The Ocean-O Premium service can also “learn”, that is to say, with the experience you accumulate and as not all regions of the world are the same for fishing the same type of species, the service allows you to customize your variables. Another practical option is to ask TIMEZERO to reproduce the oceanographic conditions of a previous day. Let’s say that a week ago we found a good area where we caught a lot of fish. The Ocean-O service is able to indicate the area that has the same conditions as that day using up-to-date oceanographic data, which is a great advantage when determining where to head.”

If you have just made a good fishing campaign and you are satisfied with your catches, a simple right-click will give you access to the Auto Filter cutting-edge feature. TZ Professional will then automatically find any other areas on the chart that match the same parameters. No need to become an oceanographer to use our forecasts. TZ Professional instantly displays the recommended areas!

Rafel’s fishing charter in Majorca

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