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guillaume Fourrier

Pourquoi avoir choisi TZ Professional v3 by MaxSea ?

A vrai dire, il y a plus de 10 ans que je connais les avantages de MaxSea (version 7 à l’époque). J’étudiais mes dérives à la maison sur les cartes Raster précises. Je ne l’utilisais pas en mer et j’ai toujours rêvé de personnaliser mes cartes en fonction de ce que voit le sondeur grâce à la bathymétrie. Il y a 2 ans, j’ai voulu passer un cap et j’ai embarqué sur mon semi-rigide, une version moderne de MaxSea TIMEZERO couplée avec un combiné Garmin GPSMAP et une sonde CHIRP. J’ai alors capturé un bar de 8,6 kg homologué record du monde.

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Marine Electronics for fishing: a MaxSea Testimony

Longtime MaxSea user Dimitri Rogoff is a fisherman and the president of the Normandy Scallop Committee in France. Here, he talks about his experience with MaxSea marine electronics products onboard:

I have used MaxSea navigation software since 1993 and have witnessed the software evolution that has taken place since then.

MaxSea’s strength is that it has always listened to its customers and has used this feedback to develop their valuable tools for navigation and fishing.

Dimitri's boat "En passerelle le Sauvage"
Dimitri’s boat “En passerelle le Sauvage”

My boat’s marine electronics system

My boat “En Passerelle le Sauvage” (“Gateway to the Wild”) is equipped with:

I recently installed a dedicated PC with VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) and Iktus to transmit logbook data.

Marine electronics set up
The marine electronics system aboard

What I like about MaxSea TimeZero

Dimitri Rogoff onboard
Dimitri Rogoff onboard

MaxSea TimeZero is even more powerful than MaxSea’s older version software and its design is great for managing and categorising all the fishing data I have recorded over the last two decades.

Earlier this year I sold my boat, but I remain present in the industry. Now I use MaxSea TimeZero for on-land purposes. I use it to manage scallops and to create and define boundaries.

This works very effectively as each fisherman can leave port with the file containing these boundary areas and rules.

Then they simply connect their USB stick to their MaxSea TimeZero installation to access all the data that was decided on during a previous committe meeting – easy!


Thanks for sharing this information Dimitri!

Follow Dimitri’s adventures on his Twitter account here.


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Happy MaxSea Users: the M/S Laponia cruise ship

M/S Laponia Bridge 1The M/S Laponia is a Swedish boat built in aluminium in 1989 that has been cruising the brackish waters of the Norrbotten archipelago since 1991.

The cruise ship is currently using MaxSea TimeZero ECS, our best product for professional mariners.

Here’s what the skipper thinks of MaxSea:

“We are working with dinner cruises with entertainment and guided day-excursions in the beautiful archipelago of the Swedish Lapland. We use MaxSea in the daily navigation and are very pleased with the system”.

M/S Laponia Bridge 2

Boat name: M/S LAPONIA

Country: Sweden

City/Port: Norrbotten Archipelago/Lapland

Activity: Tourism

Skipper: Steve

Software: MaxSea TimeZero ECS

Great for: Advanced layers management (tracks, boundaries) and native compatibility (simple Ethernet connection) with the Furuno professional radar range.

MaxSea App

MaxSea Happy Users: Borealis Expedition 2011-2012

Experimental Trawler Marguerite 1 in LabradorCharacteristics
27th and 28th Arctic campaigns.

2011 – Janusz and Joëlle Kurbiel, Michel and Claude Joubert and Aimé Filliol.
2012 – Janusz and Joëlle Kurbiel, Maria Olech and Tomasz Kosinski (in the Northwest Passage).

Due to the fact that the upgrading works on Vagabond’elle were not completed in the spring of 2011, the expedition was conducted from Marguerite 1, the experimental motorsailer of Michel Joubert -the famous French naval architect- specifically designed for extreme sailing.

MaxSea TimeZero Navigator

Duration and Sailing Distances
2011 – 3.900 km from July 15 to August 27
2012 – 14.000 km from May 23 to October 26
In all, 17.900 km in over 6 months on 3 oceans : Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific.

Route of the 2011-2012 Expedition
2011 – from France to Portugal, the Azores, Newfoundland, Labrador.
2011-2012 – wintering of Marguerite 1 in Newfoundland, Canada.
2012 – from Newfoundland to Labrador, Greenland, The Northwest Passage through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Alaska.
2012-2013 – wintering of Marguerite 1 in Alaska.

Route of the 2011-2012 Borealis Expedition

Cold Weather Sailing Guide

Happy MaxSea Users: CJSC Strelets equips its fleet with MaxSea

MaxSea TimeZero PLOT demo to CJSC Strelets staff

CJSC Strelets (ex-Murmansk Trawl Fleet), an important fishing company in Russia*, is going to equip its entire fleet with MaxSea TimeZero PLOT in the next few weeks.

A demo presentation was held in the office of the Murmansk Trawl Fleet by one of MaxSea’s regional sales manager. The 8 captains from CJSC Strelets attended the meeting and were very impressed by the features offered by this version of MaxSea marine navigation software, specially developed for professional fishing.

They were particularly interested in the PBG module, the free weather forecast service and the radar integration. They expressed that the software was an “all-in-one” solution that perfectly suited their needs.

After the meeting, CJSC strelets decided to equip its 8 vessels with MaxSea TimeZero PLOT:

  • M-0269 “Strelets”
  • M-0009 “Vasiliy Lozovskiy”
  • M-0063 “Odoevsk”
  • M-0008 “Oleg Naydenov”
  • M-0003 “Alexander Mironenko”
  • M-0006 “Zahar Sorokin”, “Taurus”
  • M-0254 “Korund”
  • M-0010 “Kapitan Bogomolov”

For more information about MaxSea TimeZero PLOT for the EMEA region, please contact:

Ferhat Dahak

*CJSC strelets vessels produce dressed and whole round frozen fish of pelagic and bottom spices, frozen fillet, frozen fish by-products and high-quality conserves “Cod liver in Murmansk style”, produced directly  on board at sea in cod fishing areas. CJSC “Strelets” won several times the contest “The best 100  products of Russia” (Moscow). 

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First MaxSea Training Session successfully achieved

Flowers and Chocolates from our trainees!On February 14th and 15th, we inaugurated our Training Sessions with two MaxSea users attending our MaxSea software course in English. M. Patrick Blaney (Ireland) and M. Jacques P.A. Boehrer (Switzerland) spent 2 days with one of our very skilled technical mentors in our office in Barcelona, who answered in the most personalized way possible all their doubts and specific needs.

They got along so well with the MaxSea people that they even gave the girls a wonderful bouquet to each one on Valentine’s day and a box of delicious chocolates to everybody, it was totally unexpected but most welcomed!

Here is an excerpt of what they told us after they ended their MaxSea course:

Patrick Blaney and Jacques Boehrer Back home, let me express my sincere gratitude to you and all the staff for this very interesting and professionally organized training-course. I must admit that the results of this session are way ahead of my expectations.
Not only the product is excellent but you guys also do a great job. Thank you everybody, take care.
Best regards,
Jacques P.A. Boehrer (Capt. Jack)”

The 2 trainees with MaxSea staffersI am a long time MaxSea user who bought a new sailing boat with the latest Furuno electronic navigation instruments, plotter, radar, sounders, autopilot.
I had used the MaxSea TimeZero software (Explorer with Routing Module) but felt that I was only using 65% of its capabilities on my own, there are so many additional features that I felt I was not using properly. This course fixed all those deficiencies, got me to a level of understanding where I am now not afraid to play around and try out features, knowing I can quickly get back to basics if necessary.
I would recommend it to anyone serious about using MaxSea TimeZero as their primary electronic navigation tool on board.
I also met the MaxSea support team at their base, and both our instructor Benoit and my fellow student contributed to a good course and a fun time too.
Patrick Blaney“.

We’re thankful for these reviews, our next course (March 14th and 15th) will be held in French.  Go to our MaxSea Training Sessions page for more information on dates, rates and conditions.

MaxSea Training Sessions in Barcelona

Happy MaxSea Users: the AVCI BABA purse seiner

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Boat name: AVCI BABA

Country: Turkey

City/Port: Surmene/Trabzon/Black Sea

Activity: Seine Fishing

Skipper: Ahmet Avcı

Software: MaxSea TimeZero PLOT

Great for: Weather forecasts, more precisely plankton data and currents information

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