Le Bato a Film recount their trip around South America onboard La Tortuga

TIMEZERO Ambassadors Le Bato a Film are currently sailing around South America, filming their travels and making short films on the people and different cultures they meet. Their aim is to take the route less traveled and meet isolated cultures. Their Captain, Geraldine Marin.

Le Bato a Film crew on-board La Tortuga

“Our trip is coming to a close. We are currently in Cuba having already sailed 15,000 nautical miles around South America since we left the port of La Rochelle one year ago. The crew has changed a lot in that time: 20 different teams, 4 languages, 58 different people, 12 of which Latinos and around two thirds novices.

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Oceanographic Forecasts for Plankton/Chlorophyll inside TIMEZERO professional software now provide total coverage!

Knowing where the best fishing zones are located is an art form. Part of the picture is made up of oceanographic forecasts. Inside TZ Professional v3, there are numerous forecasts such as Altimetry, Geographic currents, SST and Plankton/Chlorophyll.

Phytoplankton are the base of the ocean food. They are single cell organisms that use chlorophyll within their cells to carry out photosynthesis, the process of generating energy from light. Phytoplankton are dependent not only on sunlight but nutrients and temperature. As colder waters tend to have more nutrients such as nitrates, phosphates and sulfur that can be converted into proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, phytoplankton tend to be found in larger numbers around the polar regions and in areas where the ocean currents bring cold water towards the surface.

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