Welcome to our new TZ Ambassador: Tony Walker

Tony Walker is a passionate offshore fishing captain with over 35 years of experience who takes 24 trips and about 230 days at sea each year. He sails around New Zealand and Australia to target monster fish. He has owned 14 large fishing boats over the years but now skippers for Walker Seafood’s Australia and takes a full crew with him. You will often see him catching giant Albacore, Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna, or even Moon Fish!


He has acquired quite some notoriety in the fishing world and regularly gives seminars on the topic of game fishing.

 We were able to ask him a few questions about his activity and his use of TIMEZERO.

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Welcome to our new TZ Ambassador: Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith grew up on Scotland’s West Coast and spent time racing and cruising in that area as a child. He is an experienced sea racer and teacher that notably completed the 15/16 Clipper Round the World Race as a skipper and finished in 2nd place.

Eager to share his passion and knowledge with others and bring it back to his home of Scotland, Daniel started Sailing InTuition. The goal being to provide the best quality of training to sailors whether they want to learn about racing or simply explore Scotland’s coastline.


 The training boat is a Salona 40 that was designed as a cruiser/racer and therefore provides the perfect mix between comfort and performance.

 We were able to ask Daniel a few questions about his experience with TIMEZERO.

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Tous les instruments et données de navigation utilisées par notre Ambassadeur Erwan Le Lann, Capitaine du voilier de l’association Maewan

Que ce soit pour préparer une sortie en mer ou gérer sa navigation une fois à bord, il est primordial d’avoir un accès à ses instruments et à ses données de navigation en permanence.

TZ Navigator offre une utilisation confortable à ses utilisateurs puisqu’il permet d’afficher ou de masquer toutes les informations nécessaires pour naviguer en toute sécurité. Compatible avec les normes NMEA 0183 et NMEA 2000, il est possible d’interfacer les instruments de navigation facilement : radar, émetteur-récepteur AIS, GPS, … D’autant plus que la comptabilité avancée avec les produits de la marque FURUNO facilite cette intégration.

Erwan Le Lann, Ambassadeur TIMEZERO depuis plusieurs années, utilise TZ Navigator v4 à bord de Maewan pour effectuer toutes ses navigations. Sillonnant les mers du Pacifique, Erwan à un style de navigation bien particulier puisqu’il passe beaucoup de temps à naviguer près des côtes afin de s’appuyer sur l’expédition sportive comme levier d’actions éducatives et environnementales. Il a donc optimisé son installation à bord afin d’avoir un accès permanent à ses instruments et ses données.

Dans cet article, notre partenaire décrit avec précision les différents instruments qu’il utilise pour préparer et gérer sa navigation. En seconde partie de l’article, Erwan présente toutes les données de navigation nécessaires pour assurer à son équipage une navigation en toute sécurité.

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Pride of Baltimore: For the love of history

In 1977, the original Pride of Baltimore vessel was commissioned and sailed more than 150,000 nautical miles before unfortunately sinking in 1986 after an accident. Following an outpour of public support, it was decided that a new replacement boat would be built. It was named Pride of Baltimore II and has been sailing ever since. It has visited more than 200 ports in 40 countries and has recorded over 250,000 nautical miles. Every year, thousands of people are welcomed aboard the ship for private sailing charters, receptions, tours, day trips, youth programs, and overnight guest crew experiences.

Last summer, the Pride of Baltimore II embarked on the 2019 Tall Ships Challenge. This year, the event toured the Great Lakes across Canada and the United States, it assembles several “tall ships” and attracts crowds in several cities to witness these beautiful boats.


TIMEZERO is a proud partner of the Pride of Baltimore that was equipped with our TZ Professional software during this summer’s challenge. We caught up with Senior Captain Jan C. Miles to ask him a few questions about his experience with our solution.

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Initiation à la pêche en mer avec Christophe Botherel, aux abords de l’archipel de Bréhat

La réputation de Christophe Botherel dans le milieu de la pêche en France n’est plus à faire ! En plus de proposer ses services en tant que guide de pêche dans les Côtes-d’Armor, Christophe est également un partenaire technique de renom. En effet, en tant qu’Ambassadeur, il accompagne les équipes TIMEZERO pour le développement des solutions professionnelles, plus particulièrement pour la pêche sportive. Également membre du Prostaff Furuno, Christophe représente la marque lors d’événements sportifs et durant les salons professionnels.

Christophe Botherel, guide de pêche en mer diplômé d’état

Ayant l’opportunité de le côtoyer régulièrement sur les événements professionnels, nous avons voulu en savoir plus sur ses activités en tant que guide de pêche et comprendre comment il utilise la technologie pour organiser ses sorties en mer. En effet, son semi-rigide (le « Black Pearl ») est équipé de la dernière version de TZ Professional, d’une tablette NavNet TZ Touch et du sondeur Furuno TZtouch2 / DDF1-UHD. Nous nous sommes donc rendus chez lui à Lézardrieux en Bretagne, pour une journée en mer à ses côtés. Quoi de mieux qu’un expert TIMEZERO / Furuno pour une partie de pêche ?

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Welcome to our new TZ Ambassador: Even Job

Even Job is a cartographer for SHOM (Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service) that started navigating at a young age. When he was just 16 years old, he attended the “sports and study” sailing section of Marseille before earning a position at the high-level sailing center, First Class 8.

In 2015, he decides to prepare for the 2017-2018 Transquadra adventure. The Transquadra is a transatlantic solo race between Lorient or Marseille in France and Le Marin in Martinique, it is made for amateurs that are over 40 years old. At first, Even navigates aboard a JOD35, a sailboat used in 1990 for the sailing “Tour de France”. After this first successful experience, he buys a Figaro 2 with the objective of taking on other open sea racing challenges. The 2020 Transquadra is of course on the schedule.


We were able to ask Even a few questions after his first experience with TIMEZERO software during the 2019 Pornic-Baiona, a 10-day long solo race between Pornic and La Rochelle. He finished 4th on the solo ranking and 8th in the general ranking!

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Interview d’Eric Bellion, un navigateur pas comme les autres

Eric Bellion n’est pas un navigateur comme les autres. Vous avez sans doute pu l’apercevoir récemment sur les plateaux de télévision, dans les journaux ou au cinéma avec son film « Comme un seul homme » ! Après avoir écumé les océans dans des compétitions de renommée internationale comme le Vendée Globe, la Route du Rhum ou la Rolex Fastnet Race, Eric a choisi de tracer son propre sillage.

Que ce soit sur des bateaux de compétition ou à bord de sa goélette pour de paisibles navigations, Eric Bellion utilise la solution TIMEZERO depuis plusieurs années. Pour accomplir sa prochaine mission, le navigateur a décidé de poursuivre l’aventure avec nous. Nous avons eu l’opportunité de nous entretenir avec lui pour en savoir plus sur son utilisation du logiciel et sur les fonctionnalités qu’il affectionne. Eric nous dévoile également son projet l’Odyssée de l’harmonie, un tour du monde à la rencontre des populations et de leurs différences !

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Around the world with TZ iBoat

Full-time sailors are an amazing source of knowledge in the maritime navigation community as they are able to test and identify best practices before anyone else. This is what Rebecca Childress and her husband Patrick have been doing for over 12 years now.


We were able to ask them a few questions about their use of our TZ iBoat App during one of their numerous stops around the world.

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Introducing our new TIMEZERO Ambassadors: Explorking

Kevin and Leanne are a Canadian entrepreneur couple that, pushed by their love for the outdoors; traded their office jobs for an online business. The goal was to explore the world while working. That is how the name “Explorking” was born, a combination of exploring and working with the goal of “working from anywhere and living from everywhere”.


They are now proud owners of a 60-footlong catamaran that has become the vessel with which they explore the world. Operating such a large boat with limited navigating experience can be a stressful experience and therefore TIMEZERO is proud and excited to partner with them on this great adventure. And, allow them to accomplish their mission in the safest and most efficient way possible.

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Donald Crowhurst’s world tour, the “maritime drama of the century”!

In our last article published in July, we introduced the Golden Globe Race and more specifically its 2018 edition. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this incredible race, a new world tour was organized with the same rules and sailing conditions as in 1968. By the way, the navigators are still navigating!

The GGR has become a legendary sporting event, making headlines in newspapers around the world during its first edition. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, for the first time in history, was sailing around the world alone, without any stopover or assistance. A real feat for the time! But this mythical race has also become known for another reason. A tragic event from which is still called today the “maritime drama of the century”.

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