En route pour la Mini Transat 2017 avec Jonathan Chodkiewiez, skipper professionnel et Ambassadeur TIMEZERO

Jonathan Chodkiewiez est ce qu’on appelle un amoureux du large ! Depuis son plus jeune âge, il participe aux compétitions à l’école de voile. C’est sur Optimiste qu’il remporte ses premières victoires et ses titres de champion de France.
Par la suite, Jonathan n’a plus jamais quitté le domaine de la compétition. En plus de poursuivre une carrière de moniteur de voile, il met en application ses talents de barreur, de technicien et de coureur pour concourir à la prochaine édition de la Mini Transat.

Découvrez dans cette interview comment le skipper professionnel et Ambassadeur TIMEZERO Jonathan Chodkiewiez met à profit la technologie TIMEZERO pour optimiser ses stratégies de course et préparer son prochain défi.

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Entrevue avec B.J. Porter, commandant à temps plein d’un voilier croiseur.

Nous nous sommes entretenu avec William Porter alias B.J. Porter, Ambassadeur TIMEZERO et navigateur à plein temps. Nous avons voulu en savoir un peu plus sur ce qu’il pense de la dernière version du logiciel professionnel TZ Professional v3. B.J. gère un blog où il partage son expérience et des articles sur la navigation : conseils et astuces pour maintenir son bateau en bonne santé, témoignages, découvertes géographiques, …


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Interview with TIMEZERO Ambassador and renowned skipper Isabelle Joschke

Isabelle Joschke needs little introduction. She is a household name that reaches outside the world of sailing as being one of the few women that sails and wins off-share racing titles in competitions dominated by men. Last July, she took second place in the Transat Quebec – Saint Malo on board her Class40 Generali Horizon Mixité.


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Interview with Ian Thomson, TIMEZERO Ambassador and founder of Ocean Crusaders.

One of our longstanding TIMEZERO Ambassador, Ian Thomson recently got in touch to talk about the new software and let us know what he thinks about the new TZ Navigator v3.

thommo-steering660Ian Thomson runs the charity Ocean Crusaders. While we won’t go into detail about the concept behind Ocean Crusaders, you can pretty much get the picture from the title. His crusade tries to save the holy land which in this case is actually water and not land but it still makes sense. One could even deduce that Ian is actually a knight of the sea, although I’m not sure that title is officially recognized. Does his boat have a round table? Perhaps a question for a another time. Is TZ Navigator v3 the key to the quest to find the Holy Grail? Perhaps, but what we really wanted to find out was about how he uses TIMEZERO software.

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Interview d’Henry Antoine, arbitre officiel international et Ambassadeur TIMEZERO

Utilisateur et partenaire MaxSea depuis de nombreuses années, Henry Antoine est également un arbitre de courses à l’internationale au sein de l’International Sailing Federation (ISAF). A travers cette entrevue, il revient pour nous sur son utilisation de la version 3 de TZ Professional et sur la technologie TIMEZERO.


Pourquoi avoir choisi TZ Professional v3 ?

Je suis partenaire MaxSea depuis plusieurs années. J’utilise la version TZ Professional v3 dans le cadre des courses à la voile. Etant International Race Officer, MaxSea est un outil formidable pour l’établissement des parcours de course et la visualisation des fichiers météo pour établir une stratégie et un calcul fiable des prévisions de temps de course.

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Team Jolokia’s Reactions to the Rolex Middle Sea Race

The Rolex Middle Sea Race is one of the classic offshore sailing races, often mentioned in the same breath as other well-known races such as the Rolex Fastnet. It began in 1968 and 2014 was the 35th edition. 122 yachts from 24 nationalities took part, with boats ranging in size from 9.5 to 30.5 metres. This year, MaxSea partners Team Jolokia competed in the race, which began on October 18th, 2014.

Team Jolokia is unique in that it promotes the strength of diversity. Their crew is made up of people from different walks of life – seniors, young people, women and men, disabled or able-bodied, from all social backgrounds.

The race: 608 nautical miles long, starting at Grand Harbour, Valletta, ending at Marsamxett Harbour.


Here are the reactions of a few members of Team Jolokia after the Rolex Middle Sea Race:

  • Stéphanie Chancelade, crew member

“During the race I was particularly impressed by Gaël (Renault), my shift supervisor. To see a paraplegic shift supervisor sailing at 40 knots with 6 metre bumps along the way was truly inspiring and I have to hand it to the guy!

He was very calm and a good teacher. He has so much experience and knows how to pass it on to the other crew members. The atmosphere was very good as a result and everyone found their own role within the team. Our race result was very respectable! At the end, the conditions were tough but we handled it. We finished in the first 20 boats, among a total of 130 – that’s really good!

We definitely have a boat made for extreme weather conditions but our crew was quite inexperienced with these conditions. We are proud of our race and our result!

What we saw in terms of human and sporting achievements was amazing. How many people in the world can say they have experienced what we experienced on a VO’60, with such a diverse group of people in unsteady seas? I want to continue to be part of it!”

team_jolokia_maxsea2Some of the Team JOLOKIA crew wearing MaxSea caps and t-shirts on board

  • Peter Meisel, skipper

“What a race! 36 hours going at 35 or 40 knots, all in sublime landscapes that were just breath-takingly beautiful. This route around Sicily is really exciting for a sailor!
The crew was ready to face these difficult sea conditions and never gave up despite the mountains of water that crashed against us.

I think we have again shown that diversity is sustainable. When we arrived, we once again earned the respect of our competitors, they now see that the difference is also a strength.”

We’d like to congratulate Team Jolokia on their performance and look forward to their 2015 races!

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My Favourite books about the Arctic, by Janusz Kurbiel

Since 1975, Joëlle and Janusz Kurbiel from IMERPOL, have dedicated their lives to the exploration of the North Pole. For the last few years, they have navigated through this region with the help of MaxSea TimeZero Navigator, their marine navigation software.

In this post, Janusz shares his favourite books written about the Arctic. So if you planning to navigate in this region, make sure to read as many of these books as you can!

Arctic Ice.


Books about the Arctic Ocean


  • Tilman, H.W. – The Eight Sailing – Mountains-Exploration Books, Diadem Ed., 1987.

If you need further information on how to purchase any of these books, just leave a comment below. Safe journey!

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