Marine Electronics for fishing: a MaxSea Testimony

Longtime MaxSea user Dimitri Rogoff is a fisherman and the president of the Normandy Scallop Committee in France. Here, he talks about his experience with MaxSea marine electronics products onboard:

I have used MaxSea navigation software since 1993 and have witnessed the software evolution that has taken place since then.

MaxSea’s strength is that it has always listened to its customers and has used this feedback to develop their valuable tools for navigation and fishing.

Dimitri's boat "En passerelle le Sauvage"
Dimitri’s boat “En passerelle le Sauvage”

My boat’s marine electronics system

My boat “En Passerelle le Sauvage” (“Gateway to the Wild”) is equipped with:

I recently installed a dedicated PC with VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) and Iktus to transmit logbook data.

Marine electronics set up
The marine electronics system aboard

What I like about MaxSea TimeZero

Dimitri Rogoff onboard
Dimitri Rogoff onboard

MaxSea TimeZero is even more powerful than MaxSea’s older version software and its design is great for managing and categorising all the fishing data I have recorded over the last two decades.

Earlier this year I sold my boat, but I remain present in the industry. Now I use MaxSea TimeZero for on-land purposes. I use it to manage scallops and to create and define boundaries.

This works very effectively as each fisherman can leave port with the file containing these boundary areas and rules.

Then they simply connect their USB stick to their MaxSea TimeZero installation to access all the data that was decided on during a previous committe meeting – easy!


Thanks for sharing this information Dimitri!

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