TIMEZERO lends a helping hand to the I Clean My Sea Project – Part 2

In the first part of our article, available here, we introduced the I Clean My Sea project. These past few months, Aymeric and his team have completed different sea trials to test their app and collect as much data as possible. To accompany them during their trips, they equipped themselves with TZ Professional to manage their navigation and analyze relevant data. I Clean My Sea welcomed us onboard “The Collector” in order to better understand their use of TIMEZERO technology.

The TIMEZERO technology

Track recording:

TIMEZERO solutions offer I Clean My Sea the ability to record the track of “The Collector” during their waste collection sea trips. Track recording allows the, to keep a precise history of their navigations and the collection completed. Collected data is compared with the information from the app in order to identify waste agglomeration areas.

Display of the boat when approaching a waste agglomeration are


Bathymetric data displayed in TZ Professional offers a great level of security to the members of the I Clean My Sea team when they collect waste at sea. In fact, waste can drift towards dangerous navigation zones, close to the coast. Thanks to TZ Professions, I Clean My Sea can display the water depth below the boat in real time. This way, “The Collector” can come as close as possible to the waste zones with no risk and hitting the bottom.

On the right side of the screen, the “3D Cube” offers a precise display of the area

The evolution of the equipment:

For even safer and more efficient sea trips, Aymeric Jouon would like to equip his future boats with Furuno sounders. In fact, saving marine data in real time and creating a custom map would offer key information to the team members (tide correction, depth filters, speed filters).

TIMEZERO also offers solutions for recreation sailors. Our PC software has been designed for all types of navigation: sailing, motorboats and racing. To learn everything there is to know about TZ Navigator and to discover the new functions in action, follow this link: