TIMEZERO lends a helping hand to the I Clean My Sea Project – Part 1

With the growing menace created by ocean pollution, several individuals are trying to find innovative solutions to act as fast as possible. Several ideas are born every day: the floating anti-waste barrier by Bovan Slat, the cleaning quadrimaran by the skipper Yvan Bourgnon… Every project has its scale but, the end goal is the same: make our oceans cleaner.

This vision is shared by the oceanographer Aymeric Jouon. With his startup, I Clean My Sea, he brings a novel alternative for the detection and collection of plastic waste. On top of offering new technological tools, he is counting on the participation of all sea dwellers to get the oceans cleaned up!

MaxSea and I Clean My Sea

Just like MaxSea, I Clean My Sea is a project born in the South West of France, in the Basque Country. Both companies mix new technologies to bring innovative solutions to everyone that uses the sea. MaxSea, world leader in navigation software for recreational and professional sailors, has been at the front of the international scene for over 30 years. I Clean My Sea, takes advantage of the available tools (boat for waste collection, mobile apps etc.) to elaborate a participative service to raise the awareness of sailors and to act.

How does the I Clean My Sea app work?

I Clean My Sea is a free smartphone app dedicated to sea users. To conduct the project the solution also uses a boat, adapted for the collection of floating waste: “The Collector”. The company, leads specific actions divided in 3 major operations:

1 – Detection:

Navigators are asked to photograph plastic waste that they find on the water surface directly from within the “I Clean My Sea” app. The photo is automatically geotagged and displayed on the map. All users of the app have free access to this data. A trajectory prediction model displays on the map, the movement of plastic waste over time.

2 – Collection

“The Collector’ is a boat especially designed for the located waste collection. Through the app, Aymeric Jouon and his team are capable of studying the movement of waste and can intervene quickly and efficiently. Eventually, the project should have a fleet of several boats in order to achieve intensive collection.

3 – Value Creation

I Clean My Sea wants every collected plastic transformed and reused. Aymeric would like to associate with various partners in order to create 100% recycled products that are “I Clean My Sea” branded.

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