Introduction to sportfishing with Christophe Botherel around the Bréhat archipelago

Christophe Botherel’s reputation precedes him in the fishing world. On top of offering his services as a fishing guide in the Côtes-d’Armor region – France, Christophe is also a prestigious technical partner. In fact, as an Ambassador, he helps the TIMEZERO team with the development of professional solutions. He especially focuses on Sportsfishing. Additionally, as a member of Furuno’s Prostaff, he represents the brand during sporting events and during professional shows.

Christophe Botherel, holder of a national certificate in saltwater fishing

Since we often get the opportunity to interact with him during professional events, we wanted to find out more about his activities as a fishing guide and understand how he uses technology to organize his fishing trips. In fact, his semi-rigid boat (the “Black Pearl”) is equipped with the latest version of TZ Professional, a Navnet TZ Touch tablet and a TZtouch2 / DDF1-UHD Furuno sounder. We went to meet him at home, in Lézardrieux in Britany to spend a day at sea with him. There is no better fishing partner than a TIMEZERO and Furuno expert!

The meeting is set for the early morning in the Lézardrieux marina. The schedule for the day is as follows: sail along the Bréhat archipelago in order to admire the dozen island that compose it, a first fishing session around the light house “Feu de la Horaine” and lastly, heading west for drift fishing.

Bréhat Archipelago in the Côtes-d’Armor region

In order to get to Bréhat, we follow a small river mouth, the “Trieux”. As we travel up-river with the high tide, Christophe shows us the marine chart on his NavNet TZ Touch.

The NavNet TZ Touch is equipped with the TIMEZERO technology and charts. You can synchronize the tablet with the TZ Navigator and TZ Professional solutions to share marks, routes and other navigation data. A wide offering of marine charts from different suppliers is available (MapMedia, C-MAP, Navionics, NOAA) in Raster and Vector formats. The Satellite Fusion™ allows for the superposition of high definition satellite images directly onto the marine chart for the best possible precision.

The Vector chart, coupled with high definition satellite photos, shows the navigation zone in low tide. Around the Bois island, we can clearly see a difference. Christophe explains that he uses these charts in TZ Professional and on the NavNet to navigate in very precise manner during high tide. For him, it is an excellent way to path find when he is analyzing his surroundings and, it allows him to avoid dangerous areas such as rocky zones or oyster farms.

South of the Bréhat archipelago at low tide

Despite the cloudy weather, we enjoy the landscape when passing by the Verte, Biniguet and Bréhat islands until we reach the Pointe du Paon. A beautiful introduction offered by Christophe who takes this opportunity to tell us a few stories about this wonderful archipelago.

Once we arrive on the first fishing site, we take out the fishing rods under the constant supervision and advice of our fishing guide. After several attempts, we decide to get closer to the Horaine light house to hide from the strong currents and strong winds. Now on calmer sea, we make our first catches! Beautiful sea basses that we release right after.

While we stay at the front of the boat, Christophe keeps an eye on the screen of his sounder. He is capable of identifying in real-time and very precisely, the fish that are swimming under the semi-rigid boat. The accuracy of the sounder is so high that we can observe our bait lowering and getting close to the schools of fish.

Circled in yellow, the school of fish and in red, the bait

After several hours in the spot, we decided to head towards a more agitated fishing area situated north-west of the Horaine light house. Despite, the complicated sea conditions, Christophe wants us to try drift fishing!

This method consists of placing the boat, with the engine turned off, in an area with undertow and to let it drift for several minutes. Fish are used to regrouping in certain rocky zones where they stop moving and wait for food to come to them with the strength of the current. The first run allows us to locate the fish with the sounder and, once the fishing area is defined, we just need to do several runs with our fishing rods.

Circled in red, the rocks and in yellow, the school of fish sheltered by currents

During this second session, we applied the same technique as we did earlier. Using the sounder to visualize the schools of fish and our bait in real-time. A more technical fishing style, but just as pleasant as the previous one!

Christophe looking at his bait from his TZT tablet during the drift fishing session

As a nationally licensed fishing guide, Christophe Botherel offers 1-day fishing sessions in the Paimpol area and around the Bréhat archipelago in the Côtes d’Armor region. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, Christophe has the level of expertise that allows him to adapt to any level.

To book a session, you just have to directly message him on Facebook

As a TIMEZERO and Furuno ambassador, it is also possible to meet him during various professional fishing and recreational boating shows in France. To stay up to date on upcoming events, join our TIMEZERO community by following our Facebook page: