Optimizing your routes with the help of a TIMEZERO expert – Part 3

TIMEZERO software provides numerous possibilities allowing you to adapt the program to your personal navigation style. The models and advice by Diego de Miguel in the previous two articles were the techniques he applied for his voyage.

TIMEZERO adapts to your navigation style and your personal preferences. After having provided you with Diego’s route strategy we wanted to delve deeper into creating optimal routes so we have asked an in-house expert to give his technical viewpoint.

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Comment la Team Jolokia utilise TIMEZERO à bord du Volvo 60 ?

La Team Jolokia est une équipe de navigateur qui se distingue des autres coureurs professionnels. En effet, le processus de recrutement se base principalement sur l’égalité et la diversité, valeurs fortes prônées par l’association Jolokia depuis sa création en 2012.

Les membres de la Team Jolokia sont équipés de la technologie TIMEZERO à bord de leur bateau de course, un Volvo 60, depuis déjà plusieurs années. Nous avons voulu en savoir plus sur la façon dont ils utilisent le logiciel et quels sont les outils jugés indispensables.

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Create, add conditions and optimize a transatlantic route – Part 2

A few days ago we presented Sailing Living Lab, their project and their current plan to cross the Atlantic. Find part 1 of this article here. Their Captain, Diego de Miguel explains how he uses TZ Navigator on-board their boat, the Acrobat. After having spent time sailing across the Mediterranean, the team feels it is time to raise the anchor and set sail for Central America.

In the first part, thanks to the video demonstrations, Diego de Miguel tells us how to prepare and carry out a transatlantic route. In this second article, we will see how to download your weather forecasts that are optimized.

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Catching up with Under The Pole expedition leader, Ghislain Bardout

It’s been more than 10 years that Ghislain Bardout and his wife, Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout have been travelling around the world. Under The Pole is their expedition which has included dozens of scientists and engineers who have been discovering what lays awaiting in furthest reaches of the globe. The mission goal being to push the limits of diving and to study these new ecosystems. Under The Pole is equally educating the public of the sensitivity of these ecosystems to climate change.

In this article, Ghislain Bardout give his feedback on TIMEZERO software as well as his future projects.


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What is the difference between true bearing, relative bearing and heading?

It’s always good to get your bearings so in this article, we explain what the difference is between true bearing and relative bearing. These bearings are useful as a way to identify a target such as a shoreline or another moving object.

TIMEZERO software allows you to prepare for your trips quickly and easily. Certain tools such as the Ruler tool allow you to organize your tracks like on a paper chart and let you see your true bearings.

True bearing and relative bearing allows for the measurement of points of reference referred to as a target in the image below. During the day, these can be any identifiable structure or object while at night, lighthouses and beacons become the points of reference.

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