Zébulon Aventure, a family trip around the world

Zébulon Aventure is a dreamy project. Sailing the seas around the world is the crazy adventure Alban and his family is currently working on. After years of living at a frenetic pace, the sailing couple decided to discover the world by boat, accompanied by their two daughters. Their new home is a sailing catamaran, a comfortable and low-pollution boat that meets all their needs.

For the first leg of their journey, they decided to sail to Martinique. From France, they prepared and undertook the transatlantic trip using TIMEZERO technology: TZ Navigator, the PC software, and the TZ iBoat, the app for iPhone and iPad. 

In this article, Alban answers our questions and explains why he chose TIMEZERO to accompany him on his new adventure. He even presents us the routing he made for his first transatlantic crossing!

Why did you choose TIMEZERO?

I have been using this software for about ten years and I always appreciated the user interface. Of course, I have used other types of software, but I always came back to TIMEZERO. The regular updates and new versions provide new and valuable features that become indispensable once you use them. Moreover, the live presentations at boat shows have always made me want to use it.

What are your first impressions of TZ Navigator compared to other navigation software?

It has always been the easiest one to use. You can plan your navigations the way you want, allowing everyone to get into the habit. It’s all done naturally, and if an issue comes up, you can easily find a solution in the manual. Moreover, the Technical Support department is exceptionally efficient.

Why is TIMEZERO important for your project? 

I have always sailed with knowledgeable crew members. This family project pushes the skipper to manage many factors: navigation, safety, breakdowns, etc. To have a safe and strong software, i.e., one that never bugs, is very important. The possibility of processing a very large amount of data (boat’s data, AIS targets, navigation charts, weather, routing module, etc.) on the same device allows me to gain efficiency, serenity and, therefore, increase safety. This is crucial! Moreover, the interface on the computer and table is very straightforward. My wife and daughters have been able to use the software without any problems. 

What is your favorite TIMEZERO feature?

There are several, and it’s hard to choose, but the Iridium GO! is excellent on long crossings. Also, the weather feature is very useful. To be able to simply take the weather forecasts and visualize them directly on the screen, and then create a new route for 24 or 48 hours is an exceptional feature. The Weather Routing never malfunctioned during the 21-day crossing, unlike others I’ve used.

Step 1 – Download Weather Data

Step 2 – Define time and additional settings

Step 3 – Routing general overview

Can you tell us about your last navigation with TIMEZERO or an anecdote you would like to share?

We have just arrived in Martinique from the Canary Islands and TIMEZERO’s automatic pilot was our best friend during the crossing. Once we arrived in Martinique, I used the TZ iBoat app on the iPad for our coastal navigation. What a pleasure! The Raster charts are very detailed, and the route is plotted in a few taps and transmitted directly to the TZ Navigator (on PC) and vice versa. The weather forecast loads in a few seconds, and then we are ready to go!

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