Interview with Captain Bob, an outstanding sailor eager for adventures

Captain Robert M. Krieg, better known as Captain Bob, is an outstanding navigator who has proven himself both professionally and during his navigations alone. He also made a media appearance a few years ago after rescuing and towing a disabled yacht 400 miles to safety in South Africa.

Captain Bob is about to publish a manuscript that brings together all of his sailing, adventures and history to inspire other sailors: from obtaining his navigational certificates to his single-handed circumnavigation. Like an archive, his book will also be a study support with hundreds of illustrations and photographs for all international boaters, eager for adventures and extraordinary navigations.

Captain Bob has been using TIMEZERO technology for many years now. He gave us an interview where he tells us about his current events and explains why he likes TIMEZERO to plan and manage his navigation.

Can you tell us about your project/activity?

I have written a book about the nautical life string that led me to circumnavigate the globe as a way to heal after the loss of my wife and sailing partner to cancer. I followed her mother’s advice to realize our global sailing dream; stay the course, find a partner and live at the speed of the wind, the waves and the currents. That life string included earning domestic and international captain’s certificates and qualifying to instruct sailing courses. I also recount a series of important personal events, such as obtaining my captain’s certificates or rescuing a yacht 400 miles off the coast of South Africa.

Why did you choose TIMEZERO for your circumnavigation?

I got my first navigational charts for Florida West and East coasts in preparation for the circumnavigation in 2005. Then, I ordered my nautical charts step by step, before each crossing, in order to plan my navigations with up-to-date data: The South Pacific while in Panama, New Zealand and Tahiti (while in Tahiti), The Indian Ocean and Africa while in Australia and The South Atlantic while in South Africa. C-MAP charts came onboard in 2012, as I was planning a Mediterranean cruise.

What are your first impressions of our marine navigation software compared to the other available programs?

I did not comparison shop, TIMEZERO software satisfied all my needs.

Why is TIMEZERO software so important for you?

World charts were spot-on in every port I entered around the world.

What is/are the most important feature(s) for you?

Accuracy and ease of use.

Can you tell us about your most recent navigation with TIMEZERO or any anecdote you would like to share?

Home planning for a charter in the Grenadines with companions. I made a presentation on a large flat-screen TV and planned daily sails and anchorages. In order to not waste time adapting to a new navigation system, we took our laptop with TIMEZERO and our GPS on the charter so as to not waste time learning a new system.

Any further information you would like to add? (plans for the future, etc.)

Perhaps I will buy another sailboat.

Easy to use, TZ Navigator brings together all the tools and features to plan and manage your navigation safely. Whether for coastal or offshore navigation, TIMEZERO’s technology meets boaters and sailors’ needs around the world. If you wish to learn more about the software, please consult our tutorials catalog available for free here:

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