Under the Pole – Underwater Polar Expeditions

We are very happy to announce that MaxSea has recently developed a new partnership with French expedition ‘Under the Pole‘. By providing our navigation software to this great organization, we are able to contribute in some way to the fantastic research that they carry out.

What is Under the Pole?

Under the Pole carries out a series of underwater polar expeditions to explore the polar environment. Their aim is to increase scientific knowledge of the poles.

Each time they carry out a new expedition, they build up more knowledge that is added to the existing data base. Each expedition is also considered a preparation for the next one.

Lucas Santucci - Under The Pole - 2014
Lucas Santucci of Under The Pole, using MaxSea TimeZero software in 2014

What have they done so far?

From March to May, 2010, Under the Pole carried out an expedition to the North Pole, which lasted for 45 days.

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During this trip, they studied the icecap in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, and led a unique submarine exploration under extreme conditions.

Exploring the North Pole in 2010
Exploring the North Pole in 2010

In January 2014, Under the Pole have began an expedition to West and North Greenland, which will last for 22 months altogether, and is being dubbed “Part II”.

This is a continuation of the study carried out at the North Pole. This time they will focus on the submarine environment between the pole and the polar circle.

Greenland Expedition
Greenland Expedition

What’s next?

In 2016, they will move to the other hemisphere and will lead an expedition to Antarctica.

We wish Under the Pole all the best in these exciting and enlightening expeditions!


The Arctic is a victim of climate warming.

A fascinating world is disappearing.

Some species living there are threatened of extinction.

Many of them have not yet been observed.


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MaxSea official supplier of Normandy Sailing Week 2012

Once again, MaxSea International is happy to be one of the official suppliers of the 2012 edition of Normandy Sailing Week 2012.

Normandy Sailing Week 2011 - Boat

For this 7th edition, that is going to take place in Le Havre from June 8th to 10th, MaxSea provided the event with MaxSea TimeZero maritime navigation software, charts and a Routing module, to be used by the race direction.

Normandy Sailing Week 2011 - Le Havre

Last year, the event featured 4 days of races, 112 participants, 106 yachts ranked, 89 races launched across 11 series, 3 race zones in a single day, split between 4 different fleets, harbor courses, one long coastal course around the Seine Bay and one offshore course for the M34s.

Normandy Sailing Week 2011 - Competitors

Follow the event at: www.normandy-week.com

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MaxSea official supplier of Courrier Dunkerque at the 2012 edition of Sailing Arabia – The Tour

MaxSea official supplier of Courrier Dunkerque at the SATT 2012MaxSea is proud to become the official supplier of Courrier Dunkerque at this year’s edition of Sailing Arabia – The Tour (SATT). This is the only team not representing an Arab nation, sailing under the French flag, in a race in which a total of nine teams will take part, compared to six in the events inaugural year, including four Omani and four from the region.

With Daniel Souben as Skipper, one of France most experienced sailors, Courrier Dunkerque team won both the 2008 and 2009 editions of the Tour de France à la Voile, as well as the Farr 30 World Championships in 2010.

The race, aiming to promote sailing in the region, starts on February 12th and ends on February 27th with the following teams:

1 – Courrier Dunkerque

2 – Team Muscat 2012

3 – Team Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

4 – Al Thuraya BankMuscat

5 – Team Renaissance

6 – Team Commercialbank Group

7 – BAE Systems

8 – Team Ras Al Khaimah

9 – Team Bahrain

Follow the race at the official event website: www.sailingarabiathetour.com

For more information about COURRIER DUNKERQUE: http://www.sailingarabiathetour.com/team/Dunkerque

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