Normandy Channel Race : Victory for Initiatives Saveurs!

“A legendary race” commented Dominic Vittet at the finish, co-skipper on the Class40 L’Express Sapmer. However, after 4 days of intense, action-packed racing it was Tanguy de Lamotte and Sébastien Audigane aboard Initiatives Saveurs who took victory. On the second step of the podium were Fabien Delahaye and Bruno Jourdren on Port de Caen – Ouistreham and in third position Des pieds et des mains helmed by Damien Seguin and Yoann Richomme.

Nearly 870 miles were covered at an average speed of 8.39 knots. The change of course, much awaited by the racers, shortened the course distance by 170 miles but took nothing away from the quality of the competition. Continue reading

Normandy Channel Race : A straight downhill run to the finish!

24 hours before the arrival of the first Class40s, the battle is continuing to rage. It is impossible today to announce the name of the winner, given that the distances between the 3 leaders are so slim. Port de Caen Ouistreham and Initiatives Saveurs have been neck and neck for over a day. At 1000 GMT, Fabien Delahaye and Bruno Jourdren had a lead of just 0.1 miles over Tanguy de Lamotte and Sébastien Audigane. At 1400 GMT, the two crews were completely tied in terms of theoretical distance to the finish. At the last radio session, Initiatives Saveurs had passed back into the lead off Land’s End, just 200 metres ahead of Port de Caen – Ouistreham. Enough to send even the best bookmakers into a spin!

Clearly the change of course has done nothing to upset the furious pace of the race. The 12 competitors are maintaining some fairly high speeds. In a few hours’ time, they’ll pass Land’s End to begin a long run down towards Guernsey. After that there will be two Norman headlands to round, before they cross the finish line later afternoon tomorrow, Thursday. Continue reading

Normandy Channel Race : An event taking off!

2010 was synonymous with the launch of this new demanding race, and it proved to be a big hit among the first participants. 2011 isn’t yet a fully matured year, but with an exceptionally high quality competitive line-up that is virtually double the size, it does reflect the interest that the concept inspires with racers from the Class40 and beyond. The event’s image has been strengthened and developed along its initial lines: an international meeting, a demanding race and course, an event carried by the Norman territory with numerous events on shore to welcome skippers.

It would certainly be hard to call the 2011 winner who will succeed Thomas Ruyant – Destination Dunkerque -, winner of the Route du Rhum the same year! Continue reading

MaxSea sponsoring the Normandy Channel Race 2011


With just days to go until the official closing of registration, the Normandy Channel Race boasts eighteen Class 40s (ten in 2010). Furthermore, the latest crew entries come as further proof that this race isn’t just reserved for Frenchies! With over half the participating duos having their roots overseas, this 2011 edition will be definitively international! Continue reading

Les Voiles de St Barth second edition : It’s a wrap!

The Weather Gods blessed St. Barthélemy from April 5 – 9, taking care to offer more than 400 competitors from 20 nations and on 48 yachts a week of perfect Caribbean sailing during the Les Voiles de St. Barth. Dominating the conditions were trade wind breezes that ranged from 17 – 32 knots, a fairly gentle Atlantic swell, and blue skies. After four days of intense racing, separated by one day reserved for competitors and friends to discover this quaint little corner of France, the second edition of Les Voiles de St. Barth seems to have etched out a place in the growing list of “must do” Caribbean events.

Like for many new regattas, the best growth is slow and steady. The first edition of Les Voiles de St. Barth, in 2010, had 23 yachts, while this year the fleet grew to 48, and with positive reports coming back from competing sailors, that number can only grow. “What’s not to like?” was the commonly asked rhetorical question. After winters in both the U.S. and Europe produced record snowfall and cold temperatures, an April trip to St. Barth was a no-brainer for most. Continue reading

Les Voiles de Saint Bart : Down the wire

partenaire Maxsea

As if to ensure that competitors had seen all the beaches and sights that St. Barth has to offer, race officers today sent the 48-boat Les Voiles de St. Barth fleet on its final circumnavigation counter-clockwise around the eight-square mile island: a 30-nautical mile course for the Maxis, and a 23-nautical mile course for the Racing, Racing Cruising, Classics, and Multihulls. This morning, rain clouds scudded over the island, which by the 1100 start time caused some impressive shifts in wind direction and velocity on the right side of the race course. Once around the southern end of the island, the boats were into a 17 knot east-southeasterly with a three-foot sea. While it qualified as the lightest wind speeds for the week, it still ranked as great sailing conditions. Continue reading

MaxSea Time Zero – Even Better on an iPad!

Update (March 2013): It came to our attention that the latest version of Splashtop Remote requires an Internet connection.

MaxSea International is pleased to announce that the Apple iPad makes the TimeZero family of software even better!

The MaxSea TimeZero MaxSea App for iPad is available now! This is a standalone app that lets the user navigate, create routes and more. You can find more information about this app here.

The MaxSea TimeZero App is available now!

TimeZero is also available on the iPad through a special configuration. With PC management software and a WiFi access point, customers of MaxSea Time Zero are now using the software on Apple iPads as a remote screen.

Continue reading