Ribbing for Arctic

Undoubtedly, the “Ribbing for Arctic” expedition is the highlight of 2022 in world maritime events. It is the first time a recreational rigid inflatable boat will attempt to enter the Arctic Circle, cross the Atlantic Ocean and the Northwest Passage. In such a demanding mission, of course, the appropriate electronic equipment is absolutely required.

What are the best spots to fish?

Rafel Llaneras is the owner of a fishing charter in Majorca and has been using our products since 2004. He has now upgraded to TZ Professional v4, the latest version of the software, and if you ask him how important this software is to him, he will tell you: “If TIMEZERO doesn’t work, I don’t go out fishing”.

In this article, Rafel Llaneras explains how he uses TZ Professional PC software and the Ocean-O Premium service.

Cuál es la diferencia entre Rumbo, Demora y Marcación?

Al navegar es fundamental poder mantener la orientación, por lo que en este artículo explicaremos cuál es la diferencia entre el rumbo, demora y marcación. Estos conceptos son útiles para identificar un objetivo, como una costa u otro objeto en movimiento.

El software TIMEZERO le permite preparar sus viajes de forma rápida y sencilla. Algunas herramientas, como la Regla o compás, le permiten organizar sus recorridos como en una carta de papel y y también ver sus rumbos verdaderos.

El rumbo (True Bearing) y la demora (Relative Bearing) permiten la medición de puntos de referencia específicos. Durante el día, estos pueden ser cualquier estructura u objeto identificable, mientras que por la noche, los faros y las balizas se convierten en dichos puntos de referencia.

Marcación: El ángulo al objetivo en relación con el Norte Verdadero.

Rumbo: El ángulo hacia el objetivo en relación con el rumbo del barco (en el sentido de las agujas del reloj).

Demora: ángulo hacia un objetivo en relación con el rumbo del barco (en el sentido de las agujas del reloj).

What is the difference between true bearing, relative bearing and heading?

Con el software TIMEZERO, la herramienta Regla o compás, le permite realizar mediciones de rumbo verdadero y luego mostrar esos valores directamente en su carta de navegación. Estas mediciones también pueden visualizarse con la herramienta NavData.

El software TIMEZERO indica automáticamente el rumbo y la demora en su interfaz de usuario con un manejo muy sencillo, lo que le facilitará tomar la decisión correcta desde el principio. ¿Quieres aprenderlo de una forma más visual? Te traemos la breve pero profesional explicación de uno de nuestros partners: Santiago de Marketmar, quien te enseñará a entender todos estos conceptos utilizando TZ Navigator v4.


¿Te interesa seguir aprendiendo sobre navegación? Te recomendamos seguir a Santiago de Marketmar en su canal de Youtube y en su cuenta de Instagram ya que publica contenido periódicamente.

Welcome to our new TIMEZERO Ambassador in the United States: Tor Johnson.

Tor is a photojournalist, based in Hawaii in the United States and with extensive experience covering all the major sailing magazines. In addition to his job as a photographer, he’s an avid sailor, who has completed some fantastic routes like the crossing from Portugal to Panama or the one from San Diego, California, to Hawaii.

Transat Jacques Vabre – The return of a legend

Does the Transat Jacques Vabre sound familiar to you? Well, if you’re curious about the regatta/sailing world, this amazing race should be on your radar. With its roots back in the early 90’s, the Transat Jacques Vabre has made its name in the sector. Today, we want to tell you about the race’s history, its upcoming edition, and how TIMEZERO is part of it.

The planning tool that will make your day

TIMEZERO Navigation software comes packed with different functionalities; however, we know how important a planning tool is for every boater. For this reason, throughout the years we have placed special interest in this area and introduced new features to make our routing tool the best possible one.

In this article, we want to highlight some of the features our planning route tool includes, briefly explain the process to create a route, and present a short video in which an expert TIMEZERO user and long-time boater, Leon Schulz, will show us how he plans his routes.

Raster vs. Vector charts, our take on the debate

This question might possibly be more interesting for those who are just diving into the world of navigation. However, as things stand, this article could also be helpful to anyone passionate about the sea. To begin with, there is a real debate going on between these two schools, yet it’s tough to say which nautical chart format is better than the other, as the choice depends most of the time on user habits or personal preference.

Even Job, Ambassadeur TIMEZERO et régatier avéré !

L’année 2020 a été compliquée pour de nombreux navigateurs avec l’annulation de régates et d’événements sportifs. Notre Ambassadeur Even Job qui a déjà participé à plusieurs courses, dont la Transquadra à maintes reprises, avait pour projet de participer cette année à la régate transatlantique la Cap Martinique. En raison des conditions sanitaires, la course a dû être reportée. Notre Ambassadeur n’a pas abandonné et a décidé de participer à un autre événement : la Cap-45/11 !

Avec un départ prévu début juin 2021, la Cap-45/11 est un événement inédit avec un départ de La Rochelle et une arrivée à La-Trinité-Sur-Mer, soit un parcours total de 750 miles nautique.

Avant de prendre le départ, Even Job nous a accueilli à bord de son Figaro 2 où il nous explique en détail la façon dont il utilise la technologie TIMEZERO. En effet, depuis plusieurs années le coureur amateur est équipé de TZ Navigator, logiciel de plaisance, et de TZ iBoat, application pour iPhone et iPad. Notre Ambassadeur nous explique en vidéo la fonction qu’il utilise le plus, à savoir le module Routage et nous présente le détail du parcours de la Cap-45/11.

TZ iBoat app V2.2 – Discover what’s new

TZ iBoat app, first released in 2016, has been a challenging yet rewarding project for the TIMEZERO team. First brought to the market with the objective to be the all-in one solution for maritime navigation, the efforts to improve and reach that objective have not ceased one bit in these past years. 

Since its launch, new features and updates have been released to improve the app capabilities and user experience. Now, we have reached version 2.2, available for iPhones and iPads. For this new version, as done in the past, we listened closely to our customers and partners to find out which improvements were the most important.

The 2 TIMEZERO functions most used by the captain of the Tara Ocean

A few weeks ago, we presented the TARA OCEAN Foundation and their Microbiomes project (article available here). Laboratory of the seas, the boat left for a two years mission in the South American and African coasts. Composed mainly of scientists, the crew studies the marine microbiome that makes up our oceans and works on an educational program to raise awareness of ocean preservation. 

To manage their navigations in remote areas, the crew members have chosen TIMEZERO. We had the opportunity to interview the captain of the ship, Samuel Aubain. We asked him which were the two TIMEZERO features he used the most. 

Below, learn more about the two features Samuel uses the most: Radar Overlay and Instrument Interconnectivity. Available for TZ Professional and TZ Navigator, these features have also been adapted for our TZ iBoat solution, a navigation app for iPad and iPhone.