Navionics, pioneer in marine navigation data and electronic charts

Through MapMedia, MaxSea TimeZero Navigator ensures the most complete offer in vector charts thanks to privileged agreements with the best electronic chart data providers such as Navionics.

Geonav by Navionics, the first electronic chart device
Geonav by Navionics, the first electronic chart device

Pioneer in GPS systems, Navionics launched the very first electronic chart device in the world in 1984, called the Geonav. It quickly became one of the leader in marine cartography, electronic charting and navigation data. Its constant quest for technological innovations has turned Navionics into a reference for data quality and wide electronic chart coverage, very appreciated by sailors and marine professionals all over the world.

Navionics electronic charts can seamlessly cover large areas and allow to zoom down to a resolution of 1 meter (3ft), featuring:

• Tides & Currents
• Port plans
• User-selectable safety depth contour
• Marine services with phone numbers
• Navigation aids with XPlain
• Marsh areas

Navionics provides very comprehensive and frequently updated salt waters, lakes, rivers and marine data, and has achieved remarkable improvements in its latest releases.

Navionics Mega Wide charts now available

Navionics expands its electronic chart offer with the release of several Mega Wide charts:

Africa & Middle East MWVNAF30XGMAP5.1

Africa and Middle East Navionics Electronic chart
NEW Africa and Middle East Navionics vector mega wide chart (MWVNAF30XGMAP5.1)

Australia MWVNAU32XGMAP5.1

Australia Navionics electronic chart
NEW Australia Navionics vector mega wide chart (MWVNAU32XGMAP5.1)

South China Sea, Korea, Japan MWVNAS35XGMAP5.1

South China Sea, Korea, Japan Navionics electronic chart
NEW South China Sea, Korea, Japan Navionics vector chart (MWVNAS35XGMAP5.1)

Enhanced quality of marine data

Navionics has collected a wide range of marine depth data through echo soundings in various areas, which profoundly increased the quality of its marine cartography.

See 2 screenshots of the Bahamas area from Navionics and another electronic chart data provider:

Electronic charts comparison
Bahamas ocean depth data comparison

Addition of positive values ​​on foreshores

United Kingdom, Ireland and Holland WV28XGMAP1.3

United Kingdom and Ireland Navionics Electronic chart
Old and New United Kingdom and Ireland Navionics Vector Charts

Improved area junctions

Umanai – Greenland – WVNEN21MAP5.1

Umanai - Greenland - Navionics electronic chart
Old/New Umanai – Greenland – Navionics vector chart (WVNEN21MAP5.1)

See all Navionics electronic charts (in vector format) latest releases:

August – United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland & Hamburg Navionics Vector Charts Update

September – Oceania, Europe and Africa Navionics Vector Charts Update

October – Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland and East Asia Navionics Vector Charts Update

November – Asia, Africa and America Navionics Vector Charts Update

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