The Pocket Guide for Safe Navigation: SAFETICS

We all know that navigating the water has its dangers. The sea can quickly become rough and sailors obviously need to be prepared for all eventualities when it comes to safety.

It is useful to have several different security systems on board. MaxSea TimeZero software is one example, which offers safety features such as CPA, TCPA and depth alarms, as well as the ability to create exclusion zones and display AIS and ARPA targets on your chart.Safetics Logo

French company SAS ® SAFETICS also publishes another great tool: their comprehensive guide for safe navigation at sea.

The company was founded by Guillaume Corbiac who is passionate about water sports and aeronautics. After many years of sailing, he became a licensed private pilot in 2008. Aviation led him to discover the sharing of best practices through a simple tool used since the 30s: checklists.

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Safetics truly believes in the power of checklists, as they can protect against errors in memory, discipline, planning and organisation.

 As a result, the Safetics Manual includes many checklists and the information needed to navigate up to 6 miles off the coasts, according to French law.

Corbiac teamed up with a group of highly-experienced professionals in the fields of publishing and water safety to compile the most important information in an easy to read format.

Here are some of the subjects that are discussed in this guide:boat picture

  • Studying the nautical chart
  • Noting the weather forecast
  • Boat checklist
  • Equipment checklist
  • Keeping a logbook

Their guide was created with the collaboration of the Department of Maritime Affairs, the National Sea Rescue Society, the National Marine and France Weather to name a few .

In December 2013 the first edition of the Safetic Guide was released at the Paris Boat Show.

For the moment it is available in French only.

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