New partnership between the SNSM and MaxSea International

We are proud to announce you the new partnership between MaxSea, leading company on the navigation software market, and SNSM, a French non-profit organization working for our maritime security.

SNSM and MaxSea International Partnership

The SNSM and MaxSea International share the same values regarding sensitization, prevention and maritime security for cruisers and professional sailors.

Together with SNSM since 2005, MaxSea expects with this partnership to contribute to the SNSM‘s overall development, its crew members training and the equipment of its motorboats for sea rescue.

MaxSea will also provide a MaxSea TimeZero ECS SNSM pack at an attractive rate for the new and already running motorboats, in addition to the tools and data made available at their training facilities in Saint Nazaire.

SNSM logoThis partnership will allow the SNSM to display and benefit from a whole new generation of navigation and sea rescue tools with specific features developed by MaxSea, such as SAR official patterns or the integration and control of high-tech thermal research cameras (such as FLIR) for sea rescue operations from TimeZero.

Out of concern for efficiency and professionalism, the SNSM will train all its crew members to use this new generation of tools at their training center and with the help of the sailing simulator based in Saint Nazaire, which already runs several versions of MaxSea TimeZero ECS SNSM.

MaxSea TimeZero ECS SNSM is now recommended for the entire SNSM fleet (all-weather lifeboats, V1, V2, V1NG, V2NG ships)as the chosen navigation software by the SNSM to train its volunteers and fulfill its mission.

MaxSea’s picture of the day by Jacques Vapillon: March 12th to 16th


Friday already? Time goes by so fast…with the launch of our new professional version and the excitement with Sam Davies’ boat launch, we didn’t see it coming!

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Software update: MaxSea TimeZero ECS & Plot v1.2

We are glad to announce a free update of our professional-oriented products MaxSea TimeZero ECS and Plot, introducing new features collected thanks to enthusiastic suggestions and feedback from dealers and customers during the past year.

Here is a quick overview of our new features:

  • New Bottom Classification and Bottom Hardness feature with the Furuno BBDS1 Ethernet sounder
  • Improved Import and Layers Management
  • Improved PBG module

Check our demo video:

And some screenshots (click on the images to enlarge them):

For a complete description of the new features check this PDF: MaxSea TimeZero ECS & Plot V1.2

If you want to know more about our professional range, here are MaxSea TimeZero ECS  and MaxSea TimeZero Plot product pages.