Updating mm3d Hydrographic, Datacore and C-MAP Charts – How it is Done

Many of you have questions about updates of nautical charts. We will try to explain here how it works, the relationship between MapMedia and data suppliers such as Jeppesen (C-MAP charts) or Navionics (Datacore charts) and also answer the question of who does what.

MapMedia works with various vendors such as Jeppesen and Navionics, as well as national Hydrographic Services.

MapMediaC-MAP: chart data providers for MapMedia Navionics: chart data providers for MapMedia

MapMedia does not correct the C-MAP and Datacore nautical charts as this is done by Jeppesen and Navionics before we receive their data.

MapMedia then converts integrates their charts into our proprietary mm3d format.

How do nautical chart data providers work? How do they get chart corrections to you?

Providers that supply us with chart data are constantly working on improvements, corrections and updates to their entire chart portfolio (like C-MAP and Datacore).

This can be done either by carrying out surveys in the field, through private partners or via Hydrographic Services. This is a non-stop job and requires substantial resources for these investigations and verifications.

However, when Jeppesen and Navionics release an updated version of their C-MAP or Datacore charts, that does not mean that they have re-surveyed the entire chart area, corrected all mistakes and have integrated all marinas worldwide. Of course everyone would like this to be the case but it is not realistic.

Navionics nautical chart
Example of a new vs. old Navionics chart

Providers can focus on a particular area, e.g. improving European Rivers, or the Caribbean etc. In this case a special effort will be made in these regions, so that there is be a greater chance that everything will be corrected, but once again, this is not a certainty if they did not have enough information beforehand.

It is impossible for anyone to be aware of every single navigation change or new marina worldwide comprehensively and all at the same time.

There are still some nautical charts that have not been updated in a couple of years. When you see a chart that is for example from 2004 in the MaxSea product list, this date has been directly extracted from the C-MAP (Jeppesen) or Datacore (Navionics) database. It does not mean that MapMedia is using an old chart, this is impossible.

The same goes for raster charts and this update lag is certainly more prominent with Hydrographic Services as the frequency of their chart updates is quite slow. In fact they are less reactive when it comes to the integration of new marinas. Editions and revision dates are generally older.

This however, does not apply to all Hydrographic Services and the SHOM in France offers very good charts for our country as is the case with the biggest Hydrographic Services in their own countries.

SHOM logo - French Hydrographic Office
SHOM logo – the French Hydrographic Office

Users are also a good source of information. Their comments and critiques are used to improve product quality.

Each time as Anomaly Report is sent to MapMedia via the form on our website, we check it, analyse it and we pass it on to the supplier who produces data for this region.

In turn, the supplier verifies and analyses the problem, and if the suggestion is confirmed, they correct their nautical charts or tell us if the correction is planned for the next version. We then inform the customer who reported the anomaly.

When we receive their updated chart data, we can begin the job of integrating and converting the data into our mm3d format.

MapMedia releases a new version of each chart zone once a year.

It is therefore possible that there is a maximum difference of one version between a MapMedia and chart supplier version during this time.

The quality of charts and user safety is a priority for MapMedia and for all of our chart suppliers.

We try to continuously improve and evolve produts in order to satisfy your needs.

Please continue to keep us updated on any nautical chart problems you encounter. We thank you for your contributions!

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Russia and Australia MapMedia Jeppesen Vector Charts Update

Please note that we have updated the following MapMedia Vector C-MAP by Jeppesen charts from Russia and Australia areas:

Russia & Australia MapMedia Jeppesen Vector charts update

These are the new vector charts introduced in this release:

MWVJAUM002MAP3.1 – Papua – New Guinea and Solomon Islands

New chart - MWVJAUM002MAP3.1 Papua - New Guinea and Solomon Islands
New chart – MWVJAUM002MAP3.1 Papua – New Guinea and Solomon Islands

WVJRSM233MAP3.1 – White Sea West and Channel

New chart - WVJRSM233MAP3.1 White Sea West and Channel
New chart – WVJRSM233MAP3.1 White Sea West and Channel

WVJRSM235MAP3.1 – Volgo – Don and Azov Sea

New chart - WVJRSM235MAP3.1 Volgo - Don and Azov Sea
New chart – WVJRSM235MAP3.1 Volgo – Don and Azov Sea

As an example, see the modifications that have been introduced to the 3D display of an Australian chart :

Australia 3D Jeppesen vector chart update
Old and New Australia 3D Jeppesen vector chart

These updates include the latest charts and NTM provided by our data providers.

Copy the new reference and go to MapMedia’s chart catalogue if you want to check the coverage of each chart.

Would you like to see some Old/New chart comparison from a specific area? Just let us know and we’ll publish it right away.