Water, water, all around me but not a drop to drink!

We all know the expression, being surrounded by sea water and not being able to drink a drop of it. One of the factors that across the years has been perilous to some of the most experienced sailors in the world. In any case, science has come up with an answer to this problem and created a bottle that can make its own water using nothing but the air around it and a bit of sunlight.

self producing water bottle

So you can forget about lugging around liters of water for your next trip, just bring a couple empty Fontus bottles with you! Ok, perhaps that isn’t quite the reality of it yet but with the right conditions they have proven that one of their water bottles can “harvest” up to 0,8 litres of water in just one hour!

Their epic moment music choice is definitely warranted and it’s surprising that this isn’t a bigger deal. It seems they are planning to launch a funding campaign in the near future.

The way the product works is that it takes in the surrounding humid air and uses the energy created by the solar panels to cool that humid air to the point that it becomes liquid and drops down into the flask container and hey presto, water from thin air!

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