Proud Sponsors of Sailing for Change

Sailing for Change

We are proud to be an official partner for French round the world sailing project Their goal is to sail the world, produce zero waste and also carry out scientific research. They consist of four young and self-proclaimed dynamic personalities who want to use sailing the world as a way to promote a different way for everyone to live on land by recycling and participating in an economy which makes sense.

Their goal is to use the idea that even sailing around the world can be done waste free, to promote and highlight every aspect of waste that we may not take into account on a day to day basis and educate their viewers about how they can put into place the same practices at home.

They will be releasing a web series which will each stick to a different theme that all audiences can understand and associate with. For example, highlighting the heavy topic of our current linear economy of mining, producing, consuming and throwing away and talking about an alternative lifestyle in the circular economy based on renewable energies and products that are not toxic.

It is certainly a worthy project, especially if it can inspire others to adopt the same policies whether they’re sailing or at home on land.

They are set to leave Brittany, France in October of this year.

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