Spindrift 2 falls short at final hurdle

Spindrift 2 have failed to beat the Jules Verne around the world record falling agonizingly short. A message posted on their Facebook page let their fans know that at the final furlong, the weather had not been kind. Banque Populaire V’s record was off the books. Within the brief message they showed the spirit that exists within the close knit team and talked about the adventure in itself being their ultimate goal but still, they must be bitterly disappointed to have got so close.

yann guichard spindrift 2
Yann Guichard, Skipper of Spindrift 2

“We have not given up, but although the record is no longer attainable, the adventure continues. Our goal is, of course, to complete the circle of this voyage around the world and to cross the finish line off Ushant.”

It was a lethal combination of being behind by 170 miles and a ridge of high pressure. Perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be. They had set out to beat the record with the boat that had previously set the record. Only that it had been rebuilt to be faster so they really believed they were in with a real chance. It just goes to show how impressive Loïck Peyron and company were in setting the record of 45 days, 13 hours, 22 minutes and 53 seconds. It might just mean we will have to wait a while before anyone can top them.

“We are 2,200 nautical miles from the finish line off Ushant and we are on our 43rd day at sea. Although the crew have battled incessantly, closing the gap by more than 700 miles in the last three days, we still remain 170 miles off the pace.”

Yann Guichard, Spindrift 2
Yann Guichard, Spindrift 2


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