MaxSea Tales from the Field: Navotas (Philippines)

This is part of a series of short chronicles sent by MaxSea staff from different locations worldwide.

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Navotas is a city that occupies a narrow strip of land along the eastern shores of Manila Bay in Metro Manila, better known as the “Fishing Capital of the Philippines”.

MaxSea sales representative Dinh went there to meet fisherman from Frabelle Fishing Corporation*, a world-class Philippine deep sea fishing company to present MaxSea TimeZero PLOT, our best solution for commercial fishing.

MaxSea TimeZero PLOT product demoFirst, the company started by trawl fishing and then moved into purse seining. Target species were small pelagic fish like sardines, mackerel, and scads within the Philippine waters. In the mid-70s, Frabelle also started the purse seining of tuna and expanded its fishing operations beyond the Philippines into the waters of the Western and Central Pacific region.

Today, Frabelle supplies fresh, frozen and processed seafood products to the Philippine domestic market and exports the same to Africa, the Middle East, North America, Europe and other parts of Asia. Other business areas that Frabelle has ventured into includes: Marl culture; Aquaculture; Post Harvest Facilities and Services; Engineering services; Ship Repair and Shipbuilding; Real Estate and Food Trading and Processing.

Frabelle Fishing Corporation practicingFrabelle’s Master fishermen are always looking for new equipment to increase their efficiency. So, naturally, when Dinh introduced them MaxSea TimeZero PLOT, they were convinced that our software could be a very helpful tool for navigation and deep-sea fishing. Right away, Frabelle decided to equip 13 of their biggest purse seiners with MaxSea, mostly operating in Papua New Guinea. After Y&L Fishing, RD Fishing, another big actor in the Filipino fishing industry chose MaxSea!

*Founded in Navotas, Frabelle has more than 40 years of deep sea fishing experience. The vertical and horizontal growth of its fishing operations has made Frabelle Group of Companies one of the most recognized company in both the fishing and food processing industries.

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