Isabelle Joschke’s Preparation Diaries – Part 3

Isabelle Joschke gives tips on how to train for the solo multi-stage sailing race The Solitaire du Figaro.

 Training Outline (3 of 3)

Body core exercisesBodycore is by far the most important muscle exercise to perform. Bodycore is a term used to describe body exercises that require the abdomen and lower back muscles.  This helps us to avoid the back pains we often experience, as we regularly have to repeat the same twisting movement, as well as bending down or crawling while moving a load…

It is also useful to spend time in static positions, such as lying on an exercise ball. Usually core workouts go hand-in-hand with proprioception and balance training which are essential on board,  especially when fatigue has set in after several days sailing.

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Isabelle Joschke is a French-German skipper (Galettes Saint-Michel) at the Ocean racing team Absolute Dreamer. She has raced 5 Solitaire du Figaro and is sponsored by MaxSea.  

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