Siberian cold wave affects navigation in the Mediterranean Sea

If you wonder if the arctic air coming straight from Siberia is going to alter your navigation plans this weekend the answer is YES.

Cold Weather Sailing Guide

As temperatures are reaching amazingly low levels all across Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, with freezing winds coming from the east and the north, let’s take a look at wind, rain and cloud data taken from MaxSea TimeZero for this weekend.

Winds blowing at 40,4kn are expected on Friday night:

MaxSea TimeZero weather forecast - wind

With high rain levels in both Italian coasts:

MaxSea TimeZero weather forecast - rain

And big clouds covering large areas of the Mediterranean Sea:

MaxSea TimeZero weather forecast - clouds

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Or watch this video tutorial on how to update the weather forecast on MaxSea TimeZero.

MaxSea TimeZero Free Weather Forecast Service

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