The Winter Storms 2013/14

The stormy weather that is currently affecting Europe began on approximately December 17th 2013, and more strong winds are forecast. This succession of storms has been named “the Winter Storms” and has caused widespread power cuts, flooding and snow storms.

The seas have of course been affected as a result, making it extremely dangerous to navigate in many areas. It is currently not advised to navigate in most parts of Europe.

The UK had its wettest January since records began, and continues to battle ferocious flooding and violent seas. 100mph winds have been recorded, blowing down trees, trucks and people.

January 2014: Porthcawl harbour, South Wales

Serbia: At least 1,000 people had to be rescued from snow storms in Serbia at the end of January. Gusts of more than 150km/h (93mph) battered towns across the country, as police and the army helped motorists trapped by snow drifts.

Portugal: Violent high waves have been recorded along its coastline.

Wind Forecast for Saturday February 15th, 2014

Here is a summary of the different storms that have been ravaging Europe during the Winter Storms:

  • Bernd (Emily) – December 17–21, 2013.

Wind gusts hit the west of Ireland at 133 kilometres per hour (83 mph) and there were strong winds across Scotland and parts of England. This caused power outages in 22,000 homes, 8 injuries and one fatality.

  • Dirk – December 21–28, 2013.

National severe weather warnings for wind and rain across southwest and northern areas of the UK.

  • Erich – December 25, 2013–January 1, 2014.

Further rainfall and some stormy conditions.

  • Anne – January 1–6, 2014.

Storms along the coasts of France and the United Kingdom

  • Christina – January 3–10, 2014.

An area of low pressure responsible for a winter storm in the USA and Canada moved over the Atlantic and was named Christina by the Free University Berlin on January 3.

  • Nadja (Brigid) – January 29–February 5, 2014. 945

Coastal flooding from Scotland to Spain. Teenager reported missing in northern Spain and a woman was washed away off the coast of the UK.

  • Petra – February 3–8, 2014.

    Copy of 04056333
    Cargo ship Luno, broke in two in stormy waters

Coastal flooding and high waves from Ireland to Spain, with Cork flooded again. The Cargo ship Luno was washed ashore and broke in two near Bayonne, France.

  • Qumaira – February 5–8, 2014.

Many areas of France were placed on orange alert, with further flooding across Brittany.

  • Ruth (Charlie) – February 6–12, 2014.
  • Stephanie – February 8–13, 2014.

Affected the Iberian Peninsula and southern France before moving across the Mediterranean towards Italy. The entire Portuguese coast was put on red alert in anticipation of expected high seas and gale force winds.

  • Tini – February 10–Currently active, 2014.

The UK Met Office issued a rare red warning of wind for North Wales and north western England. Met Eireann issued a red alert for southwest Ireland in counties Cork and Kerry.


The Winter Storms are forecast to continue for the short-term future at least. Remember to take all possible measures to stay safe, and avoid boating until the waters calm down.

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