Netherlands Raster Chart Update

Raster Charts for the Netherlands have been updated within three chart zones.

These Mapmedia chart zones integrate the new routing system in the southern part of the North Sea. This new organisation was put into place on the first of August, 2013 in accordance with the IMO Sub-committee on the Safety of Navigation proposal NAV/58/3/2.

Mapmedia has applied these changes very quickly to our charts to ensure that customers have the most up-to-date information possible for maximum safety.

Here are the updated chart zones:

Old vs new Netherlands Raster Charts

Here is an example of this update:

Differences between old and new Netherlands Raster Chart

As this is a minor chart update, customers will not need to pay if they already own the major chart edition.
Customers who already own the charts WRMEW25MAP5.1, WRMEW28MAP4.1 or MWRMEW46MAP5.1 will therefore access this update for free.

See more images of the updated chart in our Facebook album and G+ page.

Croatia Raster Chart Update

Croatia was updated within the following Raster charts:

Croatia Raster Chart Update EN

Here is an example of this update: 

Croatia Raster chart update
Old/New Croatia Raster chart update

Note: this update is FREE for those who bought the latest version of the Raster charts listed above.

You can see more examples of this chart update in our Facebook album or Google+ Photos section.