Jeppesen World Pack Charts Update

The following Jeppesen World Pack Charts have been updated in the past days :

World Pack MapMedia Jeppesen Vector charts updateAmong different changes (who can be more or less important from one chart to another), a new Mega Wide chart has been introduced within this new release:

MWVJAUM002MAP3.1 – Papua – New Guinea and Solomon Islands

Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands new Jeppesen vector chart
MWVJAUM002MAP3.1 – New Jeppesen Vector Chart from the World Pack featuring Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

These Jeppesen vector charts from the rest of the world (ROW) have also been updated:

ROW MapMedia Jeppesen Vector charts update: Antartica Red Sea, Arab Gulf and Africa East China Sea to Kamchatka Gulf of Thailand to Yellow Sea Singapore to South China Sea Indian Ocean Africa - East Africa - West Kamchatka Peninsula and Kuril Islands Korea Strait to Okinawa Shima Yellow Sea to Malaya Gulf of Thailand to Hainan Dao Philippines Java and Indonesia China, Taiwan and Vietnam Eastern India and Maldives Maldives to Gulf of Martaban Gulf of Martaban to Jakarta Red Sea to The Gulf and Seychelles Is. Carolinas, Kiribati, Marshall, Marianas South Pacific Islands

These updates include the latest charts and NTM provided by our data providers.

Copy the new reference and go to MapMedia’s chart catalogue if you want to check the coverage of each chart.