Wide Charts vs. MegaWide Navigation Charts, what’s the difference?

Wide and MegaWide are terms commonly used by cartographic data providers to describe the size of navigation charts. MapMedia, MaxSea’s subsidiary specialized in digital cartography and Raster data treatment, also employs this terminology to better classify its charts offer in both mm2 (for MaxSea v12 and previous software) and mm3d (for TIMEZERO software) formats.

Wide and MegaWide area size vary according to its geographical coverage and the number of navigation charts included within each area.

Wide areas are approximately 3 times smaller than MegaWide areas at some locations.

Let’s take the Mediterranean Raster charts as an example:

WRMEM32MAP6.1 Mediterranean Sea – West


This Wide area includes all the navigation charts available from Gibraltar to the west coast of Italy.

MWRMEM23MAP6.1 Mediterranean Sea


This MegaWide area includes all the Mediterranean Sea charts available.

In comparison, here’s the old area coverage of mm2 charts which were compatible with MaxSea v12 and previous versions:

Mediterranean MapMedia mm2 Navigation Charts

It takes almost 6 old mm2 charts to make the latest mm3d Wide chart.

The West Mediterranean Sea Wide area contains around 575 charts and maps whereas the MegaWide (covering the whole Mediterranean Sea) contains more than 1700 navigation charts and maps.

The level of detail is the same for both sizes as every area includes:

  • Route maps
  • Landing maps
  • Coastal maps
  • Detailed maps and all ports available

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Nautical ChartAll navigation charts are updated at least once a year. For Raster charts, MapMedia orders all available charts from each local Hydrographic Service every year in order to scan them and convert them to its unique mm3d format. For Vector charts, MapMedia retrieves the cartographic data from its providers (currently Jeppesen and Navionics) and converts it to mm3d as well.

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MaxSea v12 vs. MaxSea TimeZero: why upgrading?

Times have changed, so your MaxSea - Ad

Here are some reasons worth considering if you want to know what differentiates MaxSea v12 from MaxSea TimeZero even if you’re a happy MaxSea v12 (and previous versions) customer. Just consider these few reasons to upgrade your software and move to TimeZero technology.

It’s easier to use

  • Intuitive user interface developed thanks to our 25 years of experience
  • Highly smooth Chart Engine (Zoom TimeZero, 2D/3D, PhotoFusion)
  • Routes and waypoints management simplified without any loss of “power” (unlimited routes and waypoints)
  • No more dongle but a software license which allows two installations and offers much more flexibility

TimeZero raster charts catalog is constantly updated

 When you purchase a Raster chart with MaxSea TimeZero, you can be sure that you benefit from the latest version available. The charts you currently hold are probably out of date…

Additional modules are now supplied in standard package

  • Weather module is now included offering a download in one click!
  • AIS and AIS online modules are included (299€ before). An Internet connection allows you to see AIS world traffic!
  • Enhanced Routing Module is transferred automatically if already installed on your previous version.

Last but not least…we will stop the distribution as well as technical support of MaxSea v12 products during 2014.

TimeZero technology is, without any doubt, the future of our range of products. Our previous version won’t be updated anymore, neither software nor Charts. All our technical resources are now oriented towards TimeZero technology.

If you want to see MaxSea TimeZero in action, watch this rolling demo:

From April 16th to June 30th 2012, upgrade from MaxSea v12 to MaxSea TimeZero Navigator from 199€ instead of 375€

If you need more details, feel free to contact us at info@maxsea.fr

Ready to upgrade your software? Go to www.maxsea.com and benefit from this outstanding offer.