Meet the crew: the 2015 team at your service

In 2012, we shared some pictures of our office and staff in Barcelona. Here’s an update of our staff (hover the mouse over each picture to see names and positions), the office hasn’t changed a bit:

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Hasta la vista!

MaxSea Team

MaxSea sea bass fishing day out

With the help, patience and boat of Olivier Journaux (aka Captain’OJ, an oldtime partner), MaxSea’s sales team went sea bass sportfishing a while ago. We brought you the pictures.

A very difficult weather and poor technical skills (sorry guys, we have to admit it), it was quite a challenge for the team to fish anything. Captain’OJ, the only pro on board, caught the first sea bass (a 1,5 kg piece) that was released immediatly:

First 1,5kg sea bass caught by Captain'OJ

Sales Director Frederic Algalarrondo caught the second fish, a 3,6kg sea bass also released as the team only wanted to keep one.

Second 3,6kg sea bass caught by Frederic, MaxSea Sales Director

Next fish was caught by Area Sales Manager Philippe Raba (3,5 kg):

Third 3,5kg sea bas caught by Philippe, Area Sales Manager

Fourth sample (4,1kg!) was caught by Area Sales Manager Thibault Hua:

Fourth 4,1kg sea bass caught by Thibault, Area Sales Manager

The icing on the cake was a  magnificent 5,2kg sea bass caught by Philippe (second fish of the day and of his entire life) and kept by the crew.

Fifth 5,2kg sea bass caught by Philippe, Area Sales Manager

In spite of the bad conditions, it was a wonderful and very enjoyable sail trip: Captain’OJ discovered the new MaxSea TimeZero for professional mariners (ECS) and MaxSea Sales Team put their hands on the fishing craft.

MaxSea Sales Team

Thank you Olivier for the great experience and thanks to Fred, Philippe, Thibault, Clément and Sandrine for allowing us to publish these amazing pictures of you 🙂

Here’s the same post on Captain’OJ’s blog (in french).

Do you want to go sea bass fishing? 2012 Season is up and running! Contact Captain’OJ.


Meet the crew – MaxSea International set sails in Barcelona

Last January, MaxSea’s spanish office moved from Madrid to Barcelona looking for some Mediterranean wellness (a.k.a. sand, sun and sea).

With 3 new recruits, we are now 9 people ensuring sales, support and marketing for the whole company (talk about multitasking!). You’ll get to see our faces IF you read  until the end.

Here´s our open space:

MaxSea International - Barcelona office 1

Here’s how we communicate worldwide, but specially with our colleagues in France:

MaxSea International - Barcelona office 2

 And here’s where some of the biggest commercial decisions are taken (a.k.a. Ze Big Boss):

MaxSea International - Barcelona office 3

If you’re still reading, you’ve deserved to peek at MaxSea’s Spanish staff:

Next time we’ll show you our crew in Bidart, France; home to development, design, training, MapMedia (cartography) and board of directors.