Where to find good sailing books on Sant Jordi’s Day?

Sant Jordi's Day - RosesToday in Catalonia is Sant Jordi’s Day, the day when women and men exchange roses (for her) and books (for him).

Although celebrated in many countries around the world, the Catalan version of Saint George, patron saint of the region, commemorates different things:

  • The death of a fourth-century Roman saint who is said to have saved a princess from a dragon. In the Catalan version, on the spot where the dragon was slain in the town of Montblanc, a rose grew, giving birth to the local Valentine’s Day.
  • An ancient Festival of Roses signaling the arrival of spring.
  • National Book Day, on day of the death of Miguel de Cervantes in 1616.

Nowadays, the merging of the saint, the book, and the rose has become one of the most important Catalan festivities and its importance as a major cultural event is gaining attention worldwide.

Sant Jordi - Sailing Books

We jumped at the opportunity to give you some good websites where you can find a vast selection of sailing literature of all kinds:

In English

Amazon (10.554 results)

Barnes & Noble (14.594 results)

Blackwell’s (5.000 results)

Foyles (75 results)

Countrybookshop (25 results)

The Nautical Mind (specialized)

Book Harbour (Specialized)

In French

Amazon (37 results)

Amazon.fr (8.037 results)

Chapitre (3.537)

Fnac (1.381 results)

Voiles et Voiliers (7 results)

Librairie Maritime Outremer (specialized)

Librairie L’Eau Bleue (specialized)

Livre Mer (specialized)

Librairie 4 Océans (specialized)

In Spanish

Amazon (129 results)

Amazon.es (630 results)

Fnac.es (18 results)

Casa del Libro (34 results)

Librería Naútica Robinson (specialized)

Cal Matias  (specialized)

Librería de Naútica (specialized)

Librería Naútica (specialized)

Feel free to send us your favorite offline/online sailing bookstore, we’ll add it to this list.

Happy Sant Jordi’s Day from Barcelona!