Catching up with TIMEZERO Ambassador Maewan Adventure as they sail the Kuril islands

We tracked down Maewan captain Erwan Le Lann who just got back from sailing through the Kuril islands. These islands are somewhat of a mystery as they have been disputed for over 100 years between Russia and Japan. This means that very few people get to sail them.

Maewan Adventure is a project to break boundaries by using the Maewan boat to access some of the most far flung places on earth and to perform extreme sports on these islands or in the waters around them. Snowboarding, climbing and kite-surfing are just some of sports that will take place for in this adventure. To be able to sail in these extreme locations they use the Maewan boat which is a Trisalu 37 ft boat built in 1982 in Quebec, built to perform in the toughest of conditions.

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