6 of the best knot tying apps

Are you thinking about brushing up on your knot tying skills? We tested out 6 of the best apps on the market to provide you with a quick overview of what knots will make you a master at knots in no time at all!

1. Useful Knots


Useful Knots provides a great quick reference for hundreds of thousands of knots out there and indicates how there how they are used with simple and easy to understand terms.

Android App Only

2. How to Tie Knots – 3D animated

How to Tie Knots is a great app which provides quick access to apps for precise uses such as boating or fishing! It also provides animated 3 dimensional instructions so that new knots aren’t confusing.

IOS App + Android App

3. Fishing Knots


An App for tying knots that is completely dedicated to fishing knots! The App provides useful information such as which knots work well depending on how thick your fishing line is or for baits, lures, small or large hooks, etc.

Android App Only

4. Knot Guide Free


An App with over 100 knots inside and 18 different categories which are as specific as Navy SEAL knots, it is worth a checking out for all knot aficionados.

Android App + Knot Guide HD available for IOS App

5. Knots Guide

This App is different to the “Knots Guide Free” above as this one is also free. Both apps share similar features while this one is more simplistic. No Animations or other fancy information, just basically what you would find in a book.

Android App Only

6. Popular Fishing Knots


This App is another one dedicated to anglers who need to make sure they know how to tie all the major fishing knots. It comes with 15 free fishing knots and each one is packed with information because it can often be easy to miss out minutes details which make a big difference.

Android App Only

All these apps will perfectly compliment TZ iBoat available at the iStore.


TZ iBoat is the best marine navigation app for coastal sailing, featuring worldwide chart coverage, easy-to-use functionalities and the fastest and smoothest chart display ever, as well as 3D data and weather information for an unparalleled experience.

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