Diving Augmented Reality Device to turn every diver into an Iron Man

La réalité augmentée est désormais une vraie technologie existante pour les masques de plongée (DAVD). Tandis que la technologie n’est pas encore disponible sur le marché de plaisance, elle a quand même générée beaucoup d’intérêt.

The Divers Augmented Vision Display (DAVD) is the work of the US Navy and currently unavailable for recreational use but it is still creating a lot interest around the diving scene, just because there are so many useful metrics that the device could display.

US Navy Develops The Divers Augmented Reality Display

US Navy Develops The Divers Augmented Reality Display

The head of the R&D department was not exactly being humble about the work in saying that it has, “a capability similar to something from an Iron Man movie” but perhaps he has a point. Just imagine having a real time sonar sensor that directly displays in front of you while being at the bottom of the sea. On top of this there is briefing data and messaging that would allow for more streamlined communication during dives. The sonar technology would also come in handy for being able to get more visual information in zero visibility dives.

While it doesn’t specify how one would go about navigating through the various metrics, it seems that it can be controlled by the wearer’s eye direction.

You could also assume that they would have a host of other features they could add by simply setting up a link to all the hardware they have.

Maybe one day it might just be possible to plug-in TIMEZERO software into your diving helmet or goggles.

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