9 Items to take with you Day Sailing



Because if you’re out at sea and the sun’s glare is beating down on you, those UV rays are going to reflecting off the surface right into your eyes no matter which direction they’re in. So make sure you get some polarized UV protected sun glasses to keep your eyes nice and safe. Again it is worth buying a pair that will last the test of time.

Life jacket

life jacketIt probably goes without saying. Don’t go out at sea without a lifejacket. Pick one up new or second hand. Make sure the quality is good and that it will serve its purpose of saving your life.

Wet Weather set up

wet weather sailing gear

No matter where you are in the world and no matter what the forecast says, you need to be prepared for things to change quickly. If you don’t have wet weather gear you can land yourself in trouble quickly!

Fishing Gear

fishing gear

No matter whether you are going offshore or inshore and even if you don’t know what you’re doing, make sure to bring some fishing equipment.

Duffel bag

duffel bag

The duffel bag is a sailor’s best friend because of its ability to fit snuggly into any crevice or cranny so that it doesn’t have to be in the way elsewhere.


Music Player

music player

For when the sun is out and the drinks are on the table and you can put on your favourite track playlist. Make sure you test out the compatibility with your boat before leaving!



There is no better place to lose yourself in a book than out at sea, so make sure you bring that book you got given at Christmas that you keep meaning to start any day now.

Handheld Navigation

navigation TZ app

Everyone loves the usability of an iPad and that you can use it anywhere, especially on a boat where using a mouse becomes tricky. The TZ App is a great App that is free and available for iPad. The great advantage with this App is that it allows you to buy Wide 3D raster charts at only 50€ which would cost a lot more on paper and this way you get all the information inside an easy to use device without having to faff around with papers all day.

Download the TZ App

TIMEZERO software

TZ Navigator

The key to having a great trip out at sea is planning your route in advance so you know exactly where you’re going, how the weather will be, how long it will take and other important information such as high tide and currents to watch out for. TIMEZERO software is the most powerful software available on the market today, it allows you to connect up all your hardware components (GPS, radar and sounder) with charts to a standard everyday PC and plan and monitor your trip within a single program. All you need to do is bring your laptop along.

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