The small Island Mamula, from concentration camp to luxury resort with yacht marina

montenegrin island mamula
Mamula, Montenegro

It is hard to imagine that this small island in the Adriatic Sea could have been used as a concentration camp where over 2,300 people were imprisoned during World War 2 under the orders of Mussolini.

The low price of $1.64 per square metre was agreed upon for the island which measures 200 metres in length on the basis that the company invest more than $16m in redevelopment to include a yacht marina, swimming pools, restaurant, and spa.

They also plan to build a memorial for the 130 prisoners of the concentration camp which died there during the war. Even though families descending from the deceased oppose the project, government officials gave the project the green light as they were keen that the site not fall into ruin. The island belongs to Montenegro and is located in between Croatia and Montenegro within swimming distance of both countries.

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