Chile Makes the Desventuradas Islands a Marine Reserve


Chile can proudly say that it has joined the movement of marine reserves by protecting 559 miles of water around the islands of San Felix and San Ambrosio. The Desventuradas Islands were never really a fishing spot as they a too far off from the mainland to be profitable (except for swordfish). The area is estimated to be 115,000 square miles of ocean around the two islands; San Felix and San Ambrosio, which is around the same size as the state of Arizona (114,000 square miles).

desventuradas marine reserve territory

The move is an important step to ensuring the movement of marine reserves continues to grow and gather pace. The area is filled with fish and mammals such as the Juan Fernández fur seal that can’t be found anywhere else.

Juan Fernández fur seal video

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As Yellowtail amberjack make up a large percentage of the living population, an increase in price of this already popular fish could make it worthwhile for fishing to increase in the area. This is why this marine reserve is so important and with the Chilean army in charge, it is likely that the marine reserve will be well protected and keep all the threatened and endemic species out of harm’s way. Marine reserves also play a role in keeping the overall population of species in check.

On top of this, Chile are also hoping to add another marine reserve around Easter Island that will encompass 720,000 square kilometres. Marine reserves are becoming a worldwide priority and Chile, Britain, USA and New Zealand have all recently made moves to create marine reserves around their territorial water.

current marine reserves world map

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    And I do hope that more areas can be turned into reserves.

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