Menorca: Our Favourite Harbors and Coves

Below we have listed some great places to visit if you’re planning to travel by boat around Menorca. It’s worth doing some research to find out what fiestas are going on during your stay as each town holds its own fiesta that almost always include traditional horse parades, giants and pomadas.


Mahon Port

Mahon is the capital of the island and is located along the largest natural port in Europe. It is a must visit of the island, to see the expansive harbor and the historic town which sits on top. The other harbors to visit in the port are Es Castell and Cales Fonts in particular which is filled with quaint restaurants and picturesque old Menorquian fishing boats.

Cales Coves

Cales Coves

Cales Coves is one of the biggest attractions for boats. Although it is accessible by car, it doesn’t have a beach, rather just large boulders. But what makes this cove stand out is its immaculately pristine waters that are perfect for snorkelling.

Cova d’en Xoroi

Cova d'en XoroiJust round the bay is a popular resort town where you can moor your boat and head up to the caves which doubles up as both a day time attraction and an out of this world nightclub. The Cova d’en Xoroi is literally located inside the cliffs between the bay of Calan’Porter beach and Cales Coves, around 30 meters above the sea which smashes against the rocks below.

The dancefloor and steps down are open so you can see out at night onto the glimmering sea. The inside is equally impressive as they kept with the style and the charm of the cave’s stalactites and other crevasses. Legend has it that the cave was discovered by the town people one day when it snowed. They traced the footprints of a long infamous crook back to the cave. Once cornered he jumped into the sea.


Binibeca Vell

Binibeca is what you might envisage as the quintessential Mediterranean island town, sporting all white houses (even the rooftops) and the winding passages and alleyways that allow you to dip and dive your way through the town which still very much maintains its local population. There are also a vast amount of beaches just a stone’s throw away.



Ciutadella is the second biggest town after Mahon. It has a lot of history like most of the island and can be dated back to the Carthaginians. It is often touted as the most beautiful of the Menorca towns, so it is really worth a visit to decide for yourself.

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