Isabelle Joschke’s Preparation Diaries – Part 6

Isabelle Joschke gives tips on how to train for the solo multi-stage sailing race The Solitaire du Figaro.

Isabelle Joschke's preparation diaries part 6Find the right pace

Physical training is essential. But keep in mind that overtraining could be as damaging as not training enough. Rest time and days without any training are essential as recovering is an important part of your preparation. Rest is especially important during training weeks at sea, during which you are maneuvering the boat throughout the whole day. Fitness is less necessary at this moment as we use our muscles while sailing. I personally prefer to focus on stamina and body core training.

To improve proprioception, stand on one foot, close your eyes and do a few squats while keeping your eyes closed. You can also sit on an exercise ball, while lifting up your feet with your eyes closed. Surfing or standing up in the waves are also good workouts!

Isabelle Joschke is a French-German skipper (Galettes Saint-Michel) at the Ocean racing team Absolute Dreamer. She has raced 5 Solitaire du Figaro and is sponsored by MaxSea.

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