Isabelle Joschke’s Preparation Diaries – Part 5

Isabelle Joschke gives tips on how to train for the solo multi-stage sailing race The Solitaire du Figaro.

Developing Different types of strength, which are sometimes opposing

Isabelle Joschke performing sailing manoeuversOcean races require a wide range of very different abilities that sometimes appear to not fit together:

  • Hoisting the pinnaker or dumping the mainsail in windy conditions requires power and sudden intense strength. During the time between 2 maneuvers (i.e hauling down the spinnaker and then tacting gear), the heart rate must slow down as fast as possible.
  • To endure these kinds of efforts and maintain the pace over several days, it is important to improve our stamina and resistance.

However, we do not prepare our bodies in the same manner to develop endurance as for powerful and explosive strength. These efforts require different qualities and muscle structure.

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Isabelle Joschke is a French-German skipper (Galettes Saint-Michel) at the Ocean racing team Absolute Dreamer. She has raced 5 Solitaire du Figaro and is sponsored by MaxSea.  

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