Isabelle Joschke’s Preparation Diaries – Part 4

Isabelle Joschke gives tips on how to train for the solo multi-stage sailing race The Solitaire du Figaro.

Isabelle Joschke cycling

Spice things up, it is possible!

We are lucky: to get physically prepared for sailing, it is advised to practice different kinds of sports. Cycling, swimming (indoor or at sea), running, triathlon, cross-country skiing, rowing, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, wind surfing…There’s really something for everyone!

Get prepared for D-Day

It is important to follow a training program that will help you to reach your “optimal shape” at the starting line. The Solitaire du Figaro lasts several weeks but being in good shape from the moment of departure and making a good start could be essential afterwards.

To get prepared for a long sailing experience, we first of all need to build muscle in our legs, which are not used very much while sailing and become thinner as a result.

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Isabelle Joschke is a French-German skipper (Galettes Saint-Michel) at the Ocean racing team Absolute Dreamer. She has raced 5 Solitaire du Figaro and is sponsored by MaxSea.  

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