MaxSea Tales from the Field: Chittagong (Bangladesh)

This is part of a series of short chronicles sent by MaxSea staff from different locations worldwide.

MaxSea in BangladeshChittagong is the main seaport and second largest city of Bangladesh. A trading post since the 9th century, Chittagong is also one of the fastest growing cities in the world.
MaxSea training seminar in Chittagong - Bangladesh SRL Cosmos trawl in Bangladesh

MaxSea TimeZero PLOT, our marine navigation software for professional fishing, is being introduced for the first time to Chittagong fishermen in Bangladesh.

During a whole week, product presentations have been organized  by MaxSea local partner SRL Cosmos*, and conducted by MaxSea sales representative Thibault, who met around 25 fishermen and fleet managers, representing around 40 fishing vessels.

During his pleasant staying, Thibault supervised the installation of the 3 first MaxSea TimeZero PLOT units in this country, on the brand new trawlers built for the Agrofood company.

*SRL Cosmos Trawl Ltd. is the largest and leading netloft in Bangladesh, based upon more than 100 years of Danish fishing gear technology.

The company can provide shrimp and bottom trawls in wide body as well as high opening design for single- and multi-rip fishing, pelagic and semi-pelagic mid-water trawls as well as purse seines and fish farm cages.

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