Isabelle Joschke’s Preparation Diaries – Part 1

Isabelle Joschke gives tips on how she trains for the solo multi-stage sailing race The Solitaire du Figaro.

Isabelle Joschke's preparation diaries - running


Cardio training develops stamina and heart rate regulation. With “interval training” for example, our heart gets used to rapid increases and decreases of heartbeat. In this sport, the goal is not to reach a high heart rate but to be able to slow down rapidly in order to return to our normal rhythm.

In running for example, we switch between a series of sprint races, close to 100% of our MAS, and series of “active rest” (jogging) that last for the same length of time, or even a bit less.

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The duration of each series usually ranges from 30 seconds to 4 minutes. In this way, we can do 4*1 minute sessions of “sprint racing” and “active rest” and repeat it 3 times with a rest period of 4 minutes between each repetition. Of course, it is important to warm up before starting!

To enhance your stamina, it is important to train for long periods of time, such as running for an hour to an hour and a half, or longer. Because physical activity onboard is neither regular nor predictable, running up a slope could be more useful than on a race track.

Isabelle Joschke is a French-German skipper (Galettes Saint-Michel) at the Ocean racing team Absolute Dreamer. She has raced 5 Solitaire du Figaro and is sponsored by MaxSea.  

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