MaxSea, official technical supplier of filmmaker Frédéric Jouve

Starting in June 2012, MaxSea International has become the official technical supplier of Frédéric Jouve, a French-Brazilian adventurous skipper and talented filmmaker.

Frederic Jouve's Documentary L'Allee des Glaces

In their agreement, MaxSea International will provide Frédéric Jouve with all material required to accomplish his sailing expeditions in exchange of what the filmmaker will be producing exclusive content to our users (texts, pictures and videos).

Frederic Jouve in the Arctic OceanFrédéric, who recently dropped his job in a very well-known French radio station as program director (RTL), has since founded his own production company KisstheSea and filmed his first documentary: “L’Allée des glaces / The Alley of the Ice” (click to watch the teaser), to be released in July 2012 in DVD.

In fact, Frédéric decided to change his life by fulfilling his deepest dream: sailing the planet! To accomplish this, he engaged himself in following sailors and shooting their adventures along different destinations as a crewmember.

Cold Weather Sailing Guide

The first of the series, “L’Allée des glaces / The Alley of the Ice”, took him across the Arctic Ocean on a 24 meters sailing boat to penetrate the largest national park of the world in the Northeast of Greenland.

Frederic Jouve shooting "L'Allée des Glaces" documentaryThe idea of this series was born during Frédéric’s navigations, through the encounters, moments and profound relationships that he came to build with these outstanding navigators and explorers. All of these documentaries are based on mutual friendship and trust, and also tell the story of a man wishing to live to his fullest.

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